Doctor of Philosophy

Residency and Employment

The minimum requirement for the Ph.D. program in School Psychology is three academic years of work beyond the bachelor's degree.

As with the Ed.S. program, full-time study is required of all Ph.D. students at least until they complete all coursework and qualifying exams and have only their dissertation remaining. Minimally, this will involve two years of full-time study after the Ed.S. degree. Full-time study involves a minimum of 9 semester hours of coursework per semester. Residency involves consecutive academic years of full-time study. Students are allowed assistantship work or a part-time job working up to 20 hours per week during their residency.

Students working in psychology-related positions outside of the University must have these positions approved in advanced to ensure practice within all appropriate ethical guidelines. The School Psychology program director must be notified in writing of all gainful employment engaged in by students throughout their studies.

Ordinarily it is expected that students will accept a USF department or department-approved assistantship. However, community employment is acceptable only when the nature of the employment is clearly related to the goals of the USF School Psychology Program.