Faculty Profiles

Evan Dart

Associate professor, school psychology

Evan Dart

Email Address: ehd@usf.edu
Phone Number: 813-974-8220
Office Location: USF Tampa campus EDU 381C
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Evan Dart is an associate professor in the University of South Florida's School Psychology Program. He is a licensed psychologist and board certified behavior analyst and completed his graduate training in the school psychology program at Louisiana State University. His research interests are best summarized as school-based behavioral interventions implemented within a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS). He has specific interest in peer management interventions, class-wide behavioral assessment and intervention, implementation science, and visual analysis of single-case data. Dr. Dart conducts investigations of these topics through the lens of behavior analysis, emphasizing feasibility. 

Recent Publications

Dart, E. H., Arora, P. G., Collins, T. A., Stark, K. D., Cook, C. R., Duong, M. T., … Doll, B. (in
press). Developing a Brief Behavior Rating Scale for Progress Monitoring of Depression
in School Settings. Assessment for Effective Intervention.

Klingbeil, D. A., Dart, E. H., Schramm, A. L. (2019). A Systematic Review of Function-
Modified Check-in/Check-Out. Journal of Positive Behavioral Interventions, 21, 77 – 92.

Dart, E. H., Radley, K. C., Mason, B. A., & Allen, K. (2018). Addressing Escape-Maintained
Behavior for Students with Developmental Disabilities: A Systematic Review.
Psychology in the Schools, 55, 295 - 304.

Dart, E. H., & Radley, K. C. (2018). Toward a Standard Assembly of Linear Graphs. School
Psychology Quarterly, 33, 350 - 355.

Dart, E. H., Radley, K. C., Fischer, A. J., Collins, T. A., & Terjesen, M. D., Wright, S. J., et al.
(2017). Accuracy in direct behavior rating is minimally impacted by completion latency.
Psychology in the Schools, 54, 1123 – 1133.

Dart, E. H., Radley, K. C., Furlow, C. M., & Murphy, A. N. (2017). Using Behavioral Skills
Training to Teach High School Students to Implement Discrete Trial Training. Behavior
Analysis: Research and Practice, 17, 237 – 249.

Courses Taught

  • Consulting Skills for Staff Development (EDF 6166)
  • Psychoeducational Diagnosis and Prescription I (SPS 6197)
  • Psychoeducational Interventions II: Behavioral Approaches (SPS 6701)
  • Behavior Theory and Classroom Learning (EDF 6217)

Awards and Honors

  • Lightner Witmer Award, Division 16 of the American Psychological Association (2019)
  • IES Summer Research Training Institute on Single-Case Intervention Research Design; Attendee (2015)
  • School Psychology Research Collaboration Conference Early Career Scholar, Society for the Study of School Psychology (2015)
  • Will Bergeron Memorial Scholarship, Louisiana School Psychology Association (2012)