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Dr. James Duplass

Dr. James (Jimmy) Duplass, Professor

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Email: duplass@usf.edu
Office: EDU 302V 

Jimmy Duplass graduated from De La Salle high school in New Orleans and was appointed as a faculty member at Saint Louis University, Loyola, Penn State University and the University of South Florida.  He has served as an assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Saint Louis University, Associate Provost at Wayne State University, and the Campus Executive Officer at Penn State Altoona and University of South Florida at Fort Myers.


Research Interests


Selected Publications


His most recent book by Routledge, The Idea of a Social Studies Education: The Role of Philosophical Counseling (2018) takes a uniquely humanistic approach to the idea of a social studies education. It explains how teachers can avoid political biases by use of critical thinking to help students decipher what a democratic ideology truly is and act as philosophical counselors by focusing on the cultivation of students’ autonomy, authenticity, efficacy, and agency so students can create an identity worth living, enjoy what philosopher’s refer to as “The Good Life” (eudemonia), and effectively participate in democratic society.

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Current Research Projects

Dr. Duplass is currently working on a manuscript that analyzes the commonalities of personal and civic identity across Western, Eastern, and Middle Eastern cultures through the works of Plato, Aristotle, Buddha, Confucius and Mohammed.