Faculty Profiles

Dr. Janet Richards

Professor, Literacy and Qualitative Research

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Email: jrichards@usf.edu

Dr. Janet Richards’ current research interests focus on culturally responsive/sustaining teaching, critical literacy, and transdisciplinary inquiry. Dr. Richards has published more than 150 articles in scholarly journals and is currently working on her 12th book that offers literacy theory and practical applications strategies for students in grades K-8.

Dr. Richards is the Senior Editor of Literacy Practice and Research, the 2008 Landsdowne Visiting Scholar, University of Victoria, B. C. Canada, Literacy Scholar, a member of the International Reading Association's Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Project in Thailand, Romania, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, and Estonia. She received the 2016 “Award for Scholarly Research” from the International Literacy Association SIG, Organization of Teacher Educators of Literacy. Dr. Richards' was also the former president of OTER/OTEL SIG of International Literacy Association.

Publications and Presentations

Richards, J. C. & Roth, W. M.  (2021). Entered into A Compendium of Quality Books and Articles. The Qualitative Repost Empowering Students as Self-Directed Learners of Qualitative Research Methods. Brill Sense Publishers, The Netherlands.   

Richards, J. C. (2021). (originally published, May, 2011) “Every word is true”: Stories of our experiences in a qualitative research course. The Qualitative Report. An International On-Line Journal, 16(3), 782-819. Selected by The  Qualitative Reportas “Article of the WeeK. 

Richards, J. (2021). Empowering Higher Education Students To Take Charge of Their Writing: Another Dimension of Literacy. Literacy Practice and Research-Online.  

Richards, J. C.,  Batastini, A., Bebeau, C.,  Chen, H., & Rocha, M. (2021). Uncovering and Exploring the Foundations and Principles of Our Qualitative Research Epistemologies: Reflecting through the Arts" (MS #2514) Selected to be posted to The Qualitative Report Conference Proceedings.

Richards, J.C., & Bebeau, C. (2021). "Demystifying Reflexive Thematic Analysis" (MS #2513). Selected to be posted to The Qualitative Report Conference Proceedings.