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Dr. Jeannie Kleinhammer-Tramill

Dr. Jeannie Kleinhammer-Tramill, Ph.D., Professor, Doctoral Program Coordinator 

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Email: pjkleinhamme@usf.edu
Phone: 813-974-3221
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Jeannie Kleinhammer-Tramill is a Professor and Coordinator of the Doctoral Program for the Department of Special Education, University of South Florida.  Her scholarship focuses on federal policy related to personnel preparation, improving the preparation of general educators to serve students with disabilities, the implications of standards-based education policy for students with disabilities, and personnel preparation for transition services. Kleinhammer-Tramill has written and given scholarly presentations on these topics in multiple forums.  She has also written and directed more than 30 federal grants for preparing special educators, leadership personnel, and research, and has served as a consultant to Research Triangle, Inc. for a contract to trace the history and impacts of OSEP Personnel Preparation funding.

Dr. Kleinhammer-Tramill is a member of the College of Education’s newly formed Teacher Education Cognate faculty. Her current teaching responsibilities include several teacher education courses offered as part of the cognate. In addition, Dr. Kleinhammer-Tramill teaches a one-hour seminar that students enroll in each semester of the doctoral program, Special Education Leadership Studies. The seminar is designed to provide a linking experience for students, and topics range from program planning and mentoring during the first semester of the doctoral program to a discussion of current trends in special education, with a focus on encouraging students to assume advocacy positions.

Dr. Kleinhammer-Tramill currently serves as Principal Investigator (PI) for a U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) Research and Innovation grant (Student Characteristics and School Contexts that Impact the AYP Status of Students with Disabilities as a Subgroup) and PI for an OSEP grant for preparation of leadership personnel (Leadership in Teacher Education for Special Education). She serves as Co-PI for a second OSEP leadership grant (USF Leadership in Special Education Administration).  Together, the latter three grants have provided approximately $300,000 for research and $1,040,000 in scholarship funds to support doctoral students as they prepare for leadership roles as college professors, school administrators, or policy-makers.

Prior to joining the faculty of the Department of Special Education, University of South Florida in 2005, Kleinhammer-Tramill was an Associate Research Professor in the Department of Special Education at the University of Kansas (KU).  She has worked extensively with several state education agencies in the development, implementation, and evaluation of State Improvement Grants and, later, State Personnel Development Grants. Kleinhammer-Tramill completed her bachelor’s degree at KU in English and psychology, her master’s degree at University of Central Oklahoma, and her Ph.D. at KU. 

Kleinhammer-Tramill’s daughter, Lacey, and spouse, James, are both part of the USF community.  Aside from her academic work, Kleinhammer-Tramill enjoys horseback riding, American regional art of the early- to mid-20th Century, and getting reacquainted with family who live in the area.  She is a loyal fan of Jayhawk basketball and an enthusiastic Bulls football fan.