Faculty Profiles

Dr. Jennifer Jacobs

associate Professor, elementary education

Jacobs headshot

Email: jjacobs8@usf.edu
Phone: (813) 974-7522

Jennifer Jacobs, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Elementary Education Program at the University of South Florida. She holds a doctoral degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education from the University of Florida. Jennifer’s research is situated within the context of teacher education. Specifically within teacher education, her research agenda has set out to understand teacher learning for equity.

The progression of her research projects and publications provides evidence of a fluid movement between preservice teacher, inservice teacher/teacher leader, and teacher educator learning. Investigating this overarching theme of teacher learning for equity across the continuum of teacher education includes the strand of understanding and building the contexts that facilitate teacher learning for equity. Specifically understanding school-university partnerships as contexts for teacher learning for equity and understanding the national context as a way to facilitate teacher learning for equity.

The second strand includes understanding specific processes that facilitate teacher learning for equity within these contexts. Specifically, across strand two, Jennifer has looked at 1) understanding frameworks to facilitate teacher learning for equity across the teacher education continuum and 2) understanding practitioner inquiry as a specific vehicle to support teacher learning for equity across the continuum.

Jennifer has published in journals such as Action in Teacher Education, Teacher Education and Practice, Studying Teacher Education, and Professional Development in Education. She currently serves as editor of the Journal of Practitioner Research.


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