Faculty Profiles

Dr. Kathy Bradley-Klug Ph.D., NCSP

Professor & Associate Dean for Research, Innovation, and Faculty Affairs

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Office Location: USF Tampa campus, EDU 105
Email Address:
Phone: (813) 974-9486
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Kathy L. Bradley-Klug is Professor of School Psychology and Associate Dean for Research, Innovation, and Faculty Affairs in the College of Education at the University of South Florida. Her expertise is in the area of Pediatric School Psychology, “a subset of child-serving psychology that is focused on the promotion of children’s health and development through the coordination of efforts across systems, including family, school, health system, and communication agencies, with a particular emphasis on fostering success in school. The essence of pediatric school psychology is to promote linkages among systems of care and interdisciplinary connections to enable children to be successful in school” (Power & Bradley-Klug, 2013, p. 2). Her research primarily focuses on activities to promote the physical and mental health of children, youth, and young adults who are living with a chronic health condition. Specifically, Dr. Bradley-Klug is interested in the topics of health literacy and promotion of integrated health care.  Examples of recent publications include:

  • Schneider, T., Wolgemuth, J., Bryant, C., Bradley-Klug, K. L., & Ferron, J.  (2022).  The
    perception of school life and academic experiences of adolescents with asthma. Journal of Adolescent Research. Pre-published online: https://doi.org/10.1177/07435584221110632
  • Shaffer-Hudkins, E., Hinojosa, S., Bradley-Klug, K. L., & Johnson, N.  (2022).  The diabetes
    simulation challenge:  A simulated learning experience for medical students. Diabetes Spectrum, 35(2), 150-158.
  • Larsen, R. W., Bradley-Klug, K., Bloom, M., Goldstein, H., & Sanberg, P. R. (2022).  USF
    Pandemic Response Research Network (USF PRRN):  A highly integrative basic and applied research approach to COVID-19. Technology & Innovation, 22(2), 165-171.
  • Smith, N. D. W., Bradley-Klug, K. L., Suldo, S. M., Dedrick, R. F., & Shaffer-Hudkins, E. J.
    (2022). Associations between multiple health-promoting behaviors and subjective well-being in high school age youth.  Journal of School Health, 92(1), 52-62

Dr. Bradley-Klug is a Co-Principal Investigator of a $1 million grant awarded by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) in January 2022 to increase the capacity of the FDOE to curate, design, create, and publish oral history video resources for use by districts, schools, and educators.