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Dr. Marie Byrd


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Email Address: marieb@usf.edu
Phone Number: 941-359-4534
Office Location: USF Sarasota-Manatee campus, SMC B-217

Marie Byrd is an associate professor and director at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee campus. Dr. Byrd has a strong background in urban school education with years of service in the Miami Dade County Public Schools, Miami, Florida as a teacher, Title One Curriculum Specialist, and Assistant Principal. Prior to arriving at USF, Dr. Byrd held the title of assistant professor in Educational Administration at the University of Memphis and at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

Dr. Byrd’s scholarship centers on the extensive topic of research-based best practices that foster academic, social and emotional success in socioeconomically, racially/ethnically and culturally diverse schools. She focuses a particular lens on national, state and local attempts to narrow the divide between theory and practice when analyzing the continuous widening of the academic achievement gap.

Other areas of research include analyzing effective instruction through an exploration of such concepts as culturally responsive teaching and cultural competence professional development training, documentation of the challenges of teaching in high poverty schools in a standards-based society, researching best practices of current master teachers, and proposing programs and professional development models to facilitate positive and productive school learning communities.

Dr. Byrd also directs attention to the need for a paradigm shift to engage teachers in continuous, long-term professional development centered on whole child and culturally responsive instruction to meet the needs of today’s diverse student population while embracing the data-driven accountability, standards-based educational movement.

Recent Publications

Byrd, M. & Black, G. (2021) “Cultural Competence and Global Awareness” in L. Fulton, J. Yoshioka, & N. P. Gallavan, (Eds.), Online teaching and learning for teacher educators, Roman & Littlefield: Lanham, Maryland

Recent Presentations

Gallavan, N… Byrd, M. & Black G. (2021). Special Session - Online Teaching and Learning Tips, Techniques, Tools and Truths: Cultural Competence and Global Awareness. Association of Teacher Education Online Annual Meeting. Monday, February 15, 2021.