Faculty Profiles

Dr. William H. Young III

Dr. William H. Young III, Professor of Adult and Higher Education & Program Coordinator for Graduate Degree Programs in Adult Education

young headshot

Email: williamyoung@usf.edu
Office: EDU 151G
Phone: (813) 974-1861

Dr. Bill Young received his B.S. in Business Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and his M.Ed. in Distributive Education from the University of Pittsburgh. He completed his Ed.D. in Higher Education from The Pennsylvania State University.

He has held faculty appointments at University of Illinois College of Medicine and Northern Illinois University . He has served in a number of administrative roles to include Assistant Dean for Continuing Medical Education at the University of Illinois College for Medicine, Department Chair of Leadership Development at the University of South Florida and Dean of the College of Continuing Education at Northern Illinois University. Bill has been very successful at securing grant funded programmatic initiatives and research activities in the area of program evaluation, continuing education administration and adult learning and development.

Dr. Young is considered a leading authority on continuing education in the community colleges and higher education and continuing professional education. Recently Bill has become actively involved in human resource development and community college leadership.


  • ADE 4384 Working with the Adult Learner - Undergrad Level
  • ADE 6160 Program Management in Adult Ed- Master's Level
  • ADE 6161 Curriculum Construction in Adult Ed- Master's Level
  • ADE 6385 The Adult Learner - Master's Level
  • ADE 6360 Methods of Teaching Adult Ed - Master's Level
  • ADE 6370 Trainers in Business and Industry - Master's Level
  • ADE 7130 Adult Education Doctoral Seminar- Doctoral Level
  • ADE 6198 Effective Continuing Ed for Professional Groups- Master's and Doctoral Levels
  • ADE 7676 Human Resource Development Policy Seminar-Doctoral Level
  • ADE 7076 Continuing Education in the Community College and Higher Education -Doctoral Level
  • ADE 7268 Leadership in Adult Education, Continuing Education and Human Resource Development- Doctoral Level
  • ADE 7269 Organization and Administration of Adult Continuing Education and Human Resource Development - Doctoral Level
  • ADE 6360 Methods of Teaching Adult Ed- Master's Level
  • EDA 6192 Educational Leadership- Master's Level
  • EDA 6242 School Finance- Master's Level
  • EDA 7242 Advanced School Finance- Master's Level
  • EDH 7635 Organization and Administration of Higher Education - Doctoral Level
  • EDH 7930 Higher Education Seminar- Doctoral Level   
  • EVT 4651 Equity in Schools and the Workplace - Undergrad Level
  • EVT 7168 Instructional Development for Voc, Tech. and Adult Ed- Doctoral Level
  • EVT 7761 Research Seminar in Voc, Tech. and Adult Ed- Doctoral Level
  • SLS 4120 Leadership in Complex Org.- Undergrad Level
  • SLS 2260 Leadership Fundamentals- Undergrad Level
  • SLS 4272 Survey of Leadership Readings- Undergrad Level