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Dr. Yi-Hsin Chen

Dr. Yi-Hsin Chen, Associate Professor

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Email: ychen5@usf.edu
Office: EDU 362
Curriculum Vitae

Yi-Hsin Chen is an associate professor of Educational Research and Measurement. Dr. Chen's primary research interests are in the theories and applications of new cognitive-psychometric models (CPM) that combine cognitive psychology with modern psychometrics. Such models include Linear Logistic Test Model (LLTM), Tatsuoka's Rule-Space Methodology (RSM), Generalized DINA, Log-linear Cognitive Diagnostic Model (LCDM), and General Diagnostic Model (GDM). In addition, he is interested in differential item functioning (DIF) with the cognitive skills and the applications of multilevel and explanatory Item Response Theory (IRT) in secondary data analysis.

Dr. Chen's work has been published in Educational and Psychological Measurement, International Journal of Testing, Journal of Experimental Education, Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, and Educational Research and Evaluation as well as in Monograph series.


  • EDF 6432: Foundations of Measurement (Online)
  • EDF 6407: Statistical Analysis for Educational Research I (Online)
  • EDF 7439: Item Response Theory
  • EDF 7469: Computer-Based Testing
  • EDF 7436: Rasch Models

Selected Publications

*Cao, C, Kim, E. S., Chen, Y.-H., Ferron, J, M., & Stark, S. (Online available, 2019). Exploring the test of covariate moderation effects in multilevel MIMIC models. Educational and Psychological Measurement.

*Li, I. Y., Chen, Y.-H., *Wang, Y., *Rodriguez de Gil, P., *Pham, T. V., *Nguyen, D. T., Kim, E. S., & Kromrey, J. D. (2017). ANOVA_HOV: A SAS macro for testing homogeneity of variance in one-factor ANOVA models. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 16(2), 506-539.

Hu, J., Serovich, J. M., Chen, Y.-H.,Brown, M. J., & Kimberly, J. A. (2017). Psychometric evaluation of the HIV disclosure attitude scale: A Rasch Model. AIDS and Behavior, 21(1), 174-183.

*Wang, Y., *Rodriguez de Gil, P., Chen, Y.-H., Kromrey, J. D., Kim, E. S., *Nguyen, D. T., *Phah, T., & *Romano, J. (2017). Comparing the performance of approaches for testing the homogeneity of variance assumption in one-factor ANOVA models. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 77(2), 305-329.

*Nguyen, D. T., Kim, E. S., *Rodriguez de Gil, P., *Kellerman, A.,Chen, Y.-H.,Kromrey, J. D., & *Bellara, A. (2016). Parametric tests for two population means under normal and non-normal distributions. Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods, 15(1), Article 9. doi:10.22237/jmasm/1462075680

Hu, J., Miller, M. D., Huggins-Manley, A. C., & Chen, Y.-H. (2016). Evaluation of model fit in cognitive diagnosis models. International Journal of Testing, 16(2), 119-141.
Chen, Y. H.

Leu, Y.-C., *Bryce P., & *Chavez, T. (2015).
Assessment of Taiwanese Students' Conceptual Development of Fractions. Journal of Education and Human Development, 4(2), 10-21.