Anchin Literature

Book Series

Advances in Teacher Education

This series addresses a variety of issues related to teacher education. The series solicits book proposals in the areas of innovation and advancement of preservice and inservice teacher education practice, policy, and research. The series is particularly interested in work that links research and practice from teacher education researchers, teacher education practitioners, and policy makers. Proposals should focus upon concepts, practices and research that have implications and applicability for practitioners involved with teacher education. The series is published annually. Proposals are subject to a double blind review.

Anchin Book Series Editor: Diane Yendol-Hoppey
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Empowering the Voice of the Teacher Researcher: Achieving Success through a Culture of Inquiry
edited by Roger Brindley and Christine Crocco, 2009 (Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers)

Learner-Centered Leadership: Research, Policy, and Practice
edited by Arnold B. Danzing, Kathryn Borman, Bruce A. Jones, and William F. Wright., 2007 (Publisher Lawrence Erlbaum Associates)

Meaningful Urban Education Reform: Confronting the Learning Crisis in Mathematics and Science
by Kathryn Borman, Gladis Kersaint, Bridget Cotner, Reginald Lee, Theodore Boydston, Kazuaki Uekawa, Jeffrey D. Kromrey, William Katenmeyer, M. Yvette Baber, and Jessica Barber, 2005 (Publisher: State University of New York Press)

Ethnic Diversity in Communities in Schools: Recognizing and Building Strengths
by Kathryn M. Borman with M. Yvette Baber and Associates 1998

Pathways to Privatization in Education
by Joseph Murphy, Scott W. Gilmer, Richard Weise, and Ann Page, 1998

Comparative Higher Education: Knowledge, the University, the Development
edited by Phillip Altbach, 1998

The Minority Voice in Educational Reform: An analysis by Minority and Women College of Education Deans
by Louis A. Castenell and Jill M. Tarule, 1997

Maps, Metaphors, and Mirrors: Moral Education in Middle School
edited by Carol K. Ingall 1997

Implementing Educational Reform: Sociological Perspectives on Educational Policy
edited by Kathryn Borman, Peter W. Cookson, Jr., Alan R. Sadovnik, and Joan Z. Spade, 1996.

Reinventing the University: A Radical Proposal for a Problem-focused University
edited by Jan Sinnot and Lynn Johnson, 1996.

School Teacher and Schooling: Ethoses in Conflict
edited by Eugene P. Provenzo, Jr. and Gary N. McCloskey, 1996.

Assessment, Testing, and Evaluation in Teacher Education
edited by Suzanne W. Soled, 1995

Social Reconstruction Through Education: The Philosophy, History, and Curricula of a Radical Ideal
edited by Michael E. James, 1995

Knowledge and Pedagogy: The Sociology of Basil Bernstein
edited by Alan R. Sadonik, 1995.

Critical Education for Work: Multi-disciplinary Approaches
edited by Richard D. Lakes, 1994

Investing in U.S. Schools: Directions for Educational Policy
edited by Bruce A. Jones and Kathryn Borman, 1994.

Informing Faculty Development for Teacher Educators
edited by Kenneth R. Howey and Nancy L. Zimpher 1994

Children Who Challenge the System
edited by Anne M. Bauer and Ellen M. Lynch, 1993

Minority Education: Anthropological Perspectives
edited by Evelyn Jacob and Cathie Jordan, 1993

Effective Schooling for Economically Disadvantaged Students: School-based Strategies for Diverse Student Populations
edited by Howard Johnston and Kathryn Borman, 1992

Early Childhood Education: Policy Issues for the 1990s
by Dolores A. Stegelin 1992

Home Schooling: Political, Historical, and Pedagogical Perspectives
edited by Jane Van Galen and Mary Ann Pitman, 1991