Anchin Team

External Advisory Board

The David C. Anchin Center for the Advancement of Teaching's External Advisory Board consists of a select group of community leaders who have demonstrated a commitment to improving education. They have shown leadership and professional success in their career, and are fully dedicated to helping the University of South Florida to develop and maintain highly competitive research and programs in education.

The External Advisory Board is the primary source of external guidance for the Anchin Center and provides counsel for the Center's research and educational development in the following areas: Teaching; Leadership; Policy; Technology: Global Perspectives. Members provide leadership to the Center, develop assets to enhance the Center's abilities to meet its goals, and help promote the Center's initiatives to the profession at large as well as to the general public.

The advisory board may evaluate the performance of a program, review/monitor/assess a specific program, serve as advocate for the organization to the community it serves, gather input from/serve as a liaison with relevant constituencies, provide feedback to the organization from the community, provide technical expertise, provide an independent/unbiased sounding board, and assist staff in determining important activities. Other possible responsibilities of the advisory board include determining mission and purpose of a specific program, articulating the goals, means, and primary constituents to be served by a program, ensuring effective planning, monitoring and strengthening of programs and services, ensuring adequate financial resources, and enhancing the Anchin Center's public standing.