About the David C. Anchin Center

Anchin Mission

The mission of the David C. Anchin Center for the Advancement of Teaching is to partner with schools, the community, and industry to improve outcomes for PK-12 students through innovative approaches that improve the quality of teachers, principals, and other educators.

Reflecting the expertise of faculty, partners, and other university resources, the Anchin Center strives to assure excellence in the educational future of Florida and the nation.

Our mission guides our work in the following areas:

Educator Preparation and Professional Development

The Anchin Center serves as a training ground for new generations of teachers who are effective and enthusiastic classroom leaders, and who know how to communicate with students, parents, other educators, and the community at large. We work to develop educators who encourage creativity and innovation and who inspire their students to continue to learn for the rest of their lives.

Local, state, national and international partnerships 

Through our work, we bring expertise together by engaging not just with other educators, but also with a wide variety of partners in business, technology and government who further develop our work. The Anchin Center has numerous partners at the local, state, national and international level who we collaborate with to expose educators to a variety of voices and innovative ideas. With our partners, we strive to connect education to business, social agencies, the arts and the larger community.

Applied Research and Scholarship

By conducting research and developing new innovations in the field of education, the Anchin Center draws on accumulated knowledge, methods, and techniques to better understand practical problems today’s educators face. Our primary goal is to encourage and support all those in education to become critical consumers of research about education.

Advocacy and Outreach

We work to help impact educational policy at the county, state, and federal levels to advocate for changes needed to restructure instructional approaches and “reinvent” schools and the educational profession in ways that meet the needs of children and society in our rapidly changing world.

We Believe That:

  • All children deserve a high-quality public education, regardless of race, gender, geography, or socio-economic status.
  • Stakeholders who possess a wide range of perspectives about education need to engage in courageous conversations with each other in order to improve education.
  • Real change requires collaborative, applied, actionable, and sustained educational innovation and research that targets resolving a problem of practice.