About Us


Employees at the iTeach Lounge are happy to help all students and faculty with tech needs. They are friendly, tech savvy, patient and creative. Some of their specialties include iMovie, Canvas, Blogging Sites, and website creation. If you need help or a equipment check out stop by anytime!

Our Team

View our staff biographies below to determine which iTeach Lounge staff member may best serve you.

Shelby Di Vincenzo earned her degree in Psychology, and spent a few years working for the College of Medicine before joining the FCIT team in October of 2016. She currently works alongside the Director of FCIT, helping teachers, administrators, and District leaders integrate technology in the classroom by using the Technology Integration Matrix and its suite of Technology Tools. She has worked as a volunteer tutor in various subjects such as grammar, writing, and mathematics, and thoroughly enjoys editing. Shelby's specialties include TIM Tools, ZoHo CRM, Evernote, Slack, CANVAS, Resume and CV editing, and Microsoft Office Suite.

Allison Papke has a Bachelor's in Special Education and a Master's in Reading K-12. She has seven years of experience teaching with technology in elementary, middle and high school and ten years of experience making movies with kids both in the classroom and at Tampa Theatre Film Camp. Allison is a PhD Candidate in Literacy Studies with an emphasis in Digital Literacy. In addition to working in the iTeach Lounge, Allison works as a technology coach supporting elementary school teachers. Allison's expertise includes iMovie, PhotoShop, Illustrator, InDesign, Mac, Canvas, iPad, and Promethean.

Nate Wolkenhauer is the Assistant Director of the Florida Center for Instructional Technology and working towards an MA in Reading Education. He taught 5th grade for a total of six years in Lutz, Florida and Philadelphia, PA and is tremendously passionate about education and instruction. In his classroom, he put technology in his students' hands on a daily basis and encouraged innovative technology use. He has worked with the FCIT team for over ten years assisting in everything from creating website content to directing the Tamp Theatre Film Camp (TTFC) to grant writing. He is well versed in iMovie, Final Cut X, Garageband, Keynote, Pages, Mac computers, and a variety of educational applications.