The iTeach Lounge offers several amenities and resources for your convenience. Visitors in our lounge may rent laptops, mice, headphones, speakers, microphones, projectors, and soundboards. We also offer use of our scanner, sound booth, microwave, staplers, hole punchers, Promethean ActivWall, Promethean ActivBoard, pens, and pencils.  As an added bonus, all of our laptops and desktop computers are equipped with the USF Ricoh Universal printer driver which means you can print and pick up your documents downstairs in the rotunda or several other convenient locations on campus.

Each member of the iTeach Lounge is trained to address specific needs covering a wide variety of instructional technology based programs and interfaces such as ClassFlow, iMovie, screencasts, SmartBoard, Evernote, Canvas, and Weebly just to name a few. We even provide support for APA.  For more information please click on our Staff tab to view our staff members' specialties.