Leadership Initiatives

Leadership Collaborative

The Leadership Collaborative

The Leadership Collaborative is an initiative sponsored by the Anchin Center and Region IV Professional Development Directors. Region IV includes districts on the west coast of Florida from Citrus to Sarasota Counties, Polk County and the Heartland Consortium.

In bimonthly meetings, participants focus on issues related to professional development. They also discuss items of concern at the state level. USF Educational Leadership and Policy Studies program faculty and SCATTER staff participate in collaborative activities and discussions, along with district administrators.

Leadership Collaborative Members by County and at USF

Leadership Collaborative members: Review the dates for Leadership Collaborative Meetings. Also, please note not all the meetings are on the usual Friday.


  • Chuck Bradley, Director of Professional Development Academy
  • Fran Holleran, Professional Development Specialist
  • Mary Leonard, Professional Development Center
  • Carmel Kisiday
  • Shana Moseley


  • Dr. Shari Huene-Johnson, Coordinator of Leadership Development Heartland Education Consortium
  • Dr. Debra Elliott, Director of Professional Development


  • Tim Urban, Manager of Professional Development


  • Jamalya Jackson, Director of Staff Development


  • Dr. Tim Ferguson, Director of Professional Development and Leadership


  • Mike Wilder, Coordinator of School Leadership
  • Dr. Chuck Fradley, Director of Professional Development


  • Chris Christoff, Director, Office of Professional Development and School Support
  • Joel DiVincent, Professional Development Supervisor


  • Lisa Grant, Director, Professional Development
  • Roberta Pawlowski, HRD Specialist, FDLRS


  • Britt Gross, Senior Coordinator, Professional Development
  • Cheryl Joe, Director of Professional Development
  • Joanna Johnson, Senior Coordinator of Intervention, Professional Development Department
  • Jennifer Rouse, Senior Coordinator, Professional Development


  • Patti Brustad, Director of Professional Development and Teacher Evaluation
  • Kelly Ellington, Supervisor, Professional Development & FDLRS Project Manager


  • Dana Williams, Coordinator, Professional Development

University of South Florida

  • Dr. Joyce Haines
  • Dr. Bill Black
  • Dr. Diane Yendol-Hoppey

For more information, please contact: Debra Elliot at Debra.Elliott@hearlanded.org or Dr. Joyce Haines at jghaines@usf.edu.