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The Tutor-a-Bull program strives to increase motivation for learning by providing academic support to struggling middle and high school students in Hillsborough County.

Started by Mr. Olin Mott (1921-2013) in 2007, Tutor-a-Bull is an exceptional public/private partnership that provides aspiring USF teachers with one-on-one, small group, and classroom experience. It is a win-win for everyone involved!

Dr. Stacy Hahn is the Director of Tutor-A- Bull and works closely with the Hillsborough County School District, the Michelin Golf Classic, as well as many local community business partners to ensure the program has the resources to meet the needs of some of our most vulnerable schools. During the last decade Tutor-a-Bull has served over 4,000 students with almost 70,000 hours of individualized instruction in reading and math by over 900 Tutor-a-Bull teachers in training. 

If you are interested in joining the Tutor-a-Bull program this semester, be sure you are able to answer yes to the following:

If you answered yes to all questions, then apply to this rewarding program! Tutors will be paid $12.50 an hour. If your application is accepted, both new and returning tutors must attend an orientation session. 

Please take a few minutes to complete the Fall 2018 Tutor-a-Bull program application.

Applications for the Fall 2018 semester are due Sunday, August 26, 2018. Applicants may send a completed application to Only emailed applications will be accepted.

For more information about the Tutor-a-Bull program, please contact


"This experience has been eye-opening and really life-changing. I got more out of my time with Tutor-a-Bull than almost any other experience during my education. Most importantly, I've learned what all kids are capable of if they just know that someone believes in them and won't let them give up. These kids made some bad decisions, but that doesn't mean that they don't care or can't change. I'll never judge a book by its cover, and I certainly won't allow my students' pasts dictate how I view them, how others treat them, or to skew their perceptions of themselves."

"I think my first session was successful because at the end of the session one of my tutees said to me, "Miss, you be making my brain trip out. Like, if I pick the right answer my teachers leave it be but you make me think and explain myself." During the sessions, I can tell when my tutees guess (which is what he was doing) and/or if they pick an answer but they don't know why. I think it's so important for them to engage in their thinking process and for them to develop critical thinking skills. I can see when my tutees have that "Ah hah" moment, where something finally clicks for them and they learn something. I saw that happen a handful of times with all of my sessions."

"I am starting to see that I'm creating bonds with the kids and they are starting to trust me. Going into this I worried that I would lack this because in my normal life I am pretty shy. Seeing these kids trust me is very up lifting."

Click Here for a map of schools participating in the Tutor-a-Bull program. 

Participating Schools:

2017-2018 Community Partners

For more information on how to give to the Tutor-a-Bull program as a community partner, please contact the College of Education's Director of Development, Tracee Norris, at