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Comprehensive Exam-Master's

Comprehensive Exam Information

The comprehensive examination at the master's level is designed to assess the student's general knowledge, understanding and skills in the domain of study, and his or her ability to synthesize and apply critical components of this domain. Prior to clearance for the granting of the master's degree, candidates must perform satisfactorily on a comprehensive examination in their field. The format used to satisfy the comprehensive examination requirement may vary by department or program. The arrangements for the examination are made at the department level. Please check with your program advisor to determine the requirements needed in your academic discipline to fulfill this requirement.

Registration Requirements

All students taking the Comprehensive Exam must be registered for at least two credit hours of coursework in the semester in which the exam is taken, in accordance to USF Graduate School policy

Application and Clearance to take the Comprehensive Examination

Each graduate program has their own form of Comprehensive Examination. The student's department will determine the type of comprehensive exam, the dates for taking the exam, and what the eligibility requirements are. Students should check with their program advisor for details regarding their eligibility and time line for taking the comprehensive exam.

Submission of Comprehensive Examination Results

The Program Advisor must submit the results of the comprehensive examinations to the the appropriate office no later than the deadline for submission of term grades in order for the student to meet graduation requirements for that semester: Verification of Comprehensive Exam Results Form.