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Comprehensive Exam-Specialists

After completion of the program of study and the thesis/project, an Ed.S. oral or written comprehensive examination is required. The Examination will evaluate the student's competence in applying skills and knowledge consistent with the original program goals. Each Ed.S. Supervisory Committee is responsible for developing and administering the examination. it is the responsibility of the Major Professor to ensure that this process proceeds in due course. Students must be enrolled for a minimum of two thesis or project hours in the semester in which the comprehensive examination is taken. The Major Professor must submit the results of the comprehensive examination using the Verification of of Ed.S. Comprehensive Exam Results form available below. The verification of results form is to be submitted to the Graduate Support Office (EDU 320) no later than the deadline for submission of term grades in the semester in which the student plans to graduate, in order for the student to meet graduation requirements for that semester.

Verification of Ed.S. Comprehensive Exam Result Form