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Thesis/Project- Master's

Master's students working toward a thesis degree will have the benefit of a committee of members of the graduate faculty. Please check the requirements for your degree program to see if thesis is required.

A number of semester hours of thesis or project enrollment will be determined by the degree program. Discussion with the major professor will help the student determine whether the thesis or project option is most appropriate. Students are required to enroll for a minimum of 2 semester hours in the 6971 thesis course or EDG 6970 project course each semester while working on the Ed.S. thesis/project and for 2 graduate hours in the thesis or project hours during the semester of graduation.

Masters students who plan to complete a thesis will need to complete and submit an Advanced Graduate Student Supervisory Committee Appointment form. Master's students must have a minimum of three credentialed faculty members on their committee. Below is the list of credentialed faculty and the Advanced Graduate Student Supervisory Committee Appointment Form.

Credentialed Faculty List

Advanced Graduate Student Supervisory Committee Form

Electronic thesis and dissertation information and schedule information can be found at the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (EDT) Resource Center

M.A. Thesis Requirements

Major Professor

Thesis Committee


Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Information

Permission to Conduct Research Involving Human Beings

For both ethical and legal reasons, USF requires all researchers (including students) who conduct studies involving participation of human beings to have their projects reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects prior to the start of their studies. Virtually all research studies in the College of Education will require approval by the IRB as these studies involve the use of human subjects. Master's students who have chosen the thesis option, must therefore complete the required IRB training and submit an application for approval of their study by the IRB.

Students will need to submit a Certificate of Approval Form for completed thesis manuscripts from the Office of Graduate Studies Forms page (Doctoral Students category) and select ETD Certificate of Approval (COA).

Master's Project Information

Information for Students Completing a Project and registered for credit hours in XXX 6975 Record of Ed.S. or Master's Project Completion Form