Graduate Support Office

Verification Requests

The Graduate Support Office (GSO) can assist the College of Education Alumni who need degree verification forms completed for job purposes. In most cases, the hiring institution provides a form where the Graduate Support Office can provide pertinent degree information. The Registrar's Office can stamp the university seal, if required by the hiring institution. In some cases, the hiring institution requires detailed information such as internship hours, specific core classes taken, and degree specific endorsements. Some institutions require an additional letter from the department. In rare cases, a unique letter can be provided upon request if the hiring institution does not provide a standardized form.

The degree verification process usually takes 5 to 10 business days, depending on the amount of detailed information required and if other offices need to provide the Graduate Support Office with additional detailed information.

All verification requests forms and requests can be sent to Vanessa Quintas at the Graduate Support Office; by email at or via fax at 813-974-9989. For faster service, please be sure to use "Degree Verification Request" in the subject line. In the body of the email, include your full complete name (include last name used while enrolled if you've had a name change), your student u-number, date of birth, and the address where the completed form should be mailed. If you need an additional letter from the department, make sure to indicate this with the original request.