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Program Development (Emphasis in Educational Innovation)

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The Ed.D. in Educational Innovation is for practicing professionals who plan to develop and lead sustainable educational innovation in their unique settings.

Program Development Program at USF College of Education

Education is a huge and growing enterprise that involves literally millions of students and tens of thousands of educators in schools, colleges, businesses, nonprofits, the military, government, and dozens of other settings. It is also a field that is driven by innovation and the need for creative approaches to assure that our citizens are prepared for a global environment that demands continuous learning in the face of rapid change. The Ed.D. in program development at USF College of Education prepares graduates to create, launch, and evaluate promising, sustainable innovations in their own professional settings. The program is open to P-12 and post-secondary educators and educational professionals who work in the private sector, with nonprofits, or other government or service agencies. Contact a program advisor to see it the Ed.D. in program development is the right choice to build your career and your effectiveness as an educational innovator.

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