About Us

What we do

Under the direction of Senior Vice President Eric M. Eisenberg, the Office of University Community Partnerships will play a critical role in advancing the university's mission of creating positive and lasting community impact through collaborative initiatives.

The primary objectives of the Office of University Community Partnerships are to:

  1. Engage with all sectors of the community: The office will collaborate with diverse community stakeholders, ensuring representation from education, industry, government, non-profits, military, and neighborhood groups.
  2. Develop a comprehensive, shared menu of partnership offerings: The office will create and widely publicize a range of partnership opportunities to existing and prospective community partners. These offerings will include internships, student volunteers, hiring initiatives, upskilling programs, access to faculty experts, collaborative research projects, joint programming, and philanthropic endeavors.
  3. Create a welcoming and consistent intake process: A seamless and user-friendly intake process will be established, both digitally and physically, to facilitate engagement with prospective partners. This streamlined approach will ensure that interested parties can easily connect with the university and explore opportunities.
  4. Streamline partnership establishment: Collaborating closely with various USF offices, the Office of University Community Partnerships will work to simplify the process of establishing partnerships. This includes the development of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) and other necessary documentation, enabling swift and efficient collaboration.
  5. Catalogue, measure, report, and communicate impact: The office will meticulously catalog partnership initiatives, measure their outcomes, and report on their tangible impact. By doing so, the university aims to demonstrate the success and value of these partnerships to the broader community, fostering a culture of transparency and accountability.