Lifelong Learning


USF Lifelong Learning comprises four distinct entities and a special partnership with USF Innovative Education (InEd), working together to fulfill its lifelong learning strategy. The primary objective of this unit is to expand USF's educational offerings to the community, with a particular emphasis on workforce development and economic growth.

Within the lifelong learning family, the USF Office of Youth Experiences focuses on addressing long-term workforce needs by creating programs centered around future careers for K-12 students. They offer a variety of engaging activities, including summer camps and after-school programs designed to introduce parents and students to the type of careers that possible.

The special partnership with USF Innovative Education enables USF Lifelong Learning to collaborate with InEd in developing various pathways to employment. This collaboration primarily focuses on courses delivered fully online including noncredit, undergraduate, certificate and full graduate programs. These offerings are carefully tailored to meet the present and future workforce demands, drawing inspiration from direct feedback provided by businesses and organizations external to the university.

The USF Office of Corporate Training is focused on noncredit training programs that assist individuals in upskilling or reskilling throughout their careers. Additionally, the office works with companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations to develop comprehensive training programs that demonstrate a commitment to employee growth and career support.

USF Testing Services offers a centralized location where community members can take vocational and certification exams. These exams encompass a range of professional certifications, such as the Project Management Professional, Society of Human Resources Certified Professional, and Florida Teachers Certification.

Lastly, USF's Osher Lifelong Learning Institute is a member-based learning community designed for adults aged 50 and above. It offers support and educational opportunities for community members in the latter stages of their careers leading up to retirement.

USF firmly believes in the value of lifelong learning and recognizes the vital role it plays within our community.