About Us


The mission of the Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships is to expand and strengthen university–community engagement locally and globally in support of USF's strategic priorities: student success, research and innovation, partnerships, and sound financial management.

As a major research university located in a large metropolitan area, USF has significant relationships with its surrounding host communities. Collaborative partnerships contribute to the research and training of faculty and students in a wide variety of disciplines, and knowledge gained from these activities should be used to address local needs and societal problems.

USF will serve as a hub in a knowledge-based society in which various communities are involved in all phases of the knowledge process, as opposed to traditional models of universities as dispensers of knowledge in a one-way process. OCEP integrates teaching, research, and service into a delivery approach that involves its constituents and responds to the needs of diverse communities.


We are located in the John and Grace Allen Building (pictured above), ALN185