In HomeSense

In the past year, CREATE Health has developed and deployed unobtrusive wireless sensor systems (HomeSense) in the homes of 18 older adults, collecting data on their activities of daily living. These activities include a range of behaviors known to signal health changes or influence health outcomes such as sedentary lifestyle, medication and care plan compliance, sleep/wake patterns, daily routine, general health, nutrition, hygiene, social connection, and toileting. Raspberry Pi's act as local gateways in each house send data collected from a wireless sensor network to a central server via the Internet using a lightweight M2M/IoT communication protocol. The incoming data is processed and stored in a central database to support retrospective data analysis and visualization. Additionally, our participant website allows participants and their loved ones to observe the participants activities of daily living such as sleep and wake times and eating habits. The overarching goal of HomeSense is to support seniors who want to age in place safely and independently. Additionally HomeSense looks to implement a proactive approach to their healthcare significantly improving health outcomes, minimizing costly care episodes and reducing caregiver burden.