Research Partners

The Villages Health

The Villages

The Villages is an active retirement community that focuses on principles of successful aging. It is located in sunny central Florida mid-way between the Gulf and Atlantic coasts and spans parts of Sumter, Marion and Lake Counties. For over 50 years, the Villages has endeavored to provide residents with high quality recreation, safety, access to private shops and businesses and community activities. Additionally, The Villages has designed and implemented a state of the art healthcare system focused on ensuring health and wellness for older adults. The Villages commitment to research is strong and they support a remote lab for CREATE Health within their community, offering the opportunities for engagement and state of art research to its residents and training for undergraduate, masters and doctoral students. For more information, visit The Villages.


E l M i n d A



Founded in 2006, ElMindA envisions a world in which brain health care is intelligent, data-driven and available to everyone.
Integrating big-data repositories and deep-learning algorithms, our state-of-the-art BNA™ (Brain Network Activation) technology is revolutionizing the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of brain-related disorders by measuring how effectively different parts of the brain are connecting and communicating. By creating a new standard of care for brain function assessment, BNA allows medical professionals – as well as individuals and their families – to see more, know more and do more than ever before, facilitating better decision making for physicians and patients. For more information, visit ElMindA.


St. Joseph's John Knox Village

John Knox

Our partnership with John Knox Village is characterized by our mutual interest in helping older adults age in place while supporting their ability to maintain greater independence and minimize health concerns. Neighboring the USF Tampa Campus, John Knox Village is home to 350 retirees. The facility offers varying levels of assisted living options while simultaneously focusing on working with older adults to maintain independent living. For more information, visit St. Joseph's John Knox Village.