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Defenses and Seminars Archive

October 17, 2019 MS Defense: "Detecting Digitally Forged Faces in Online Videos" by Neilesh Sambhu

October 11, 2019 MS Defense: "Multimodal Emotion Recognition using 3D Facial Landmarks, Action Units, and Physiological Data" by Diego Fabiano 

September 20, 2019 PhD Defense: "Interactive Fitness Domains in Competitive Coevolutionary Algorithms" by A.T.M. Golam Bari

September 17, 2019 Major Works: "Cancer Heterogeneity in PET, CT, and MR Imaging: A Review" by Dmitry Cherezov

August 30, 2019 Major Works: "A First Step Towards Understanding Real-world Attacks on IoT Devices" by Armin Ziaie Tabari

August 23, 2019 Major Works: "G-SDBMS – a GPU-based Streaming Database Management System" by Hao Li

August 21, 2019 Major Works: "A Review of Formal Models of Security Mechanisms" by Shamaria Engram

July 25, 2019 Major Works: "Automatic Pressure Ulcer Measurement using RGB-D Data" by Chih-Yun Pai

June 17, 2019 PhD Defense: "A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Community Engagement on Social Media During Disasters" by Adel Alshehri

June 12, 2019 PhD Defense: "Wireless Physical Layer Design for Confidentiality and Authentication" by Tao Wang

June 6, 2019 PhD Defense: "Phenomena of Social Dynamics in Online Games" by Essa Alhazmi

May 31, 2019 PhD Defense: "Beyond Labels and Captions: Contextualizing Grounded Semantics for Explainable Visual Interpretation" by Sathyanarayan Aakur Narasimhan

May 23, 2019 Major Works: "TussisWatch: A Smart-phone System to Identify Cough Episodes as Early Symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Congestive Heart Failure" by Anthony Windmon

May 16, 2019 MS Defense: "Autonomous Monocular Obstacle Detection for Avoidance in Quadrotor" by Panos Valavanis

May 13, 2019 PhD Defense: "Malicious Manipulation in Service-Oriented Network and Software Systems:Threats and Defenses" by Dakun Shen

April 29, 2019 MS Defense: "Measuring Influence Across Social Media Platforms: Empirical Analysis Using Symbolic Transfer Entropy" by Abhishek Bhattacharjee

April 25, 2019 PhD Defese: "Authentication and SQL-Injection Prevention Techniques in Web Applications" by Cagri Cetin

April 25, 2019 Major Works: "Memristor based System Modeling and Synthesis: A Survey" by Md Adnan Zaman

April 25, 2019 Major Works: "Authentication Using Methodology" by Jean Baptiste-Subils

April 25, 2019 Major Works: "Leveraging Smartphone and Wearable Sensors to Detect Distraction While Driving" by Bharti Goel

April 24, 2019 Major Works: "A Machine Learning Framwork for Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA)-Based Malware Detection" by Yi Li

April 22, 2019 Major Works: "Long Activity Video Understanding using Functional Object Oriented Network" by Ahmad Babaeian Jelodar

April 11, 2019 Major Works: "Machine Learning in Hardware - A Survey" by Vishalini Laguduva Ramnath

April 3, 2019 Major Works: "The State-of-the-Art of Human-Drone Interaction: A Survey" by Dante Tezza

April 2, 2019 Major Works: "A Machine Learning Framework to Classify Mosquito Species from Smartphone Images" by Mona Minakshi

March 28, 2019 Major Works: "A Low Cost and Mobile System for Lower Body Rehabilitation" by Steven Díaz Hernández

March 20, 2019 PhD Defense: "Force Feedback and Intelligent Workspace Selection for Legged Locomotion Over Uneven Terrain" by John Rippetoe

March 19, 2019 Major Works: "A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Community Engagement on Social Media During Disasters" by Adel Alshehri

March 18, 2019 PhD Defense: "Generating Robotic Manipulation Motions by Learning from Human Demonstrations" by Yongqiang Huang

March 8, 2019 MS Defense: "Empirical Analysis of a Cybersecurity Scoring System" by Jaleel Ahmed

March 7, 2019 Major Works: "Randomized Positioning DSSS for Anti-Jamming Wireless Communications" by Ahmad Alagil

March 6, 2019 Major Works: "Automating Cell Count in Microscopic Images of Stained Tissues Using Deep Learning and Unbiased Stereology" by Saeed Alahmari

March 6, 2019 MS Defense: "A Flexible, Natural Deduction, Automated Reasoner for Quick Deployment of Non-Classical Logic" by Trisha Mukhopadhyay

March 1, 2019 MS Defense: "Parallelization of Genetic Algorithm to solve MAX-3SAT problem on GPUs" by Prakruthi Shivram 

February 15, 2019 MS Defense: "Detecting RTL Trojans Using Artificial Immune Systems and High-Level Behavior Classification" by Farhath Zareen 

January 31, 2019 MS Defense: "An Efficient Runtime CFI Check for Embedded Processors to Detect and Prevent Control Flow Based Attacks" by Srivarsha Polnati

January 29, 2019 Major Works: "Coauthentication" by Cagri Cetin

December 18, 2018 Seminar: "Personal Data Leakage and Other Privacy Violations in the Era of Big Data Mining" by Nicolas Kourtellis

December 05, 2018 Major Works: "An Empirical Study on Team Formation in Online Games" by Essa Alhazmi

November 09, 2018 Major Works: "The Role of Commonsense Knowledge in Visual Understanding" by Sathyanarayanan N. Aakur

November 02, 2018 Seminar: "Analog Circuit Security in the Digital World" by Professor Yier Jin

October 23, 2018 Seminar: "Leveraging Tunable Randomness in Spin-based Devices for Neuromorphic and Secure Computation Computing" by Professor Ronald F. DeMara

October 26, 2018 PhD Defense: "A Secure Computing Platform for Building Automation Using Microkernel-based Operating Systems" by Xiaolong Wang

October 19, 2018 MS Defense: "Gate Level Probabilistic Simulation Based Hardware Trojan Susceptibility Analysis of Combinational Circuits" by Venkata Lakshmi Bhargavi Gurram

October 18, 2018 MS Defense: "Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning with Physiological Data" by Astha Sharma

October 12, 2018 PhD Defense: "On the Feasibility of Profiling, Forecasting and Authenticating Internet Usage Based on Privacy Preserving NetFlow Logs" by Soheil Sarmadi

October 12, 2018 MS Defense: "Drone Movement Control using Gesture Recognition from Wearable Device" by Venkata Sireesha Dadi

October 01, 2018 MS Defense: "Change Descriptors for Determining Nodule Malignancy in Lung CT Screening Images" by Benjamin Geiger

June 13, 2018 Phd Defense: "Similarity Based Large Scale Malware Analysis: Techniques and Implications" by Yuping Li

June 01, 2018 MS Defense: "A Quantitative Analysis of Shape Characteristics of Marine Snow Particles with Interactive Visualization: Validation of Assumptions in Coagulation Models" by Palak P Dave

May 01, 2018 Major Works: "Precise and General Static Analysis Framework for Security Vetting of Android Apps" by Fengguo Wei

April 24, 2018 PhD Defense: "Offensive and Defensive Security for Everyday Computer Systems" by Ian Markwood

April 23, 2018 Major Works: "Parallel computing of contour tree and persistent pairing of Reeb graph" by Junyi Tu

April 20, 2018 PhD Defense: "Automatic Assessment of Neonatal Pain" by Ghada Zamzmi

April 20, 2018 PhD Defense: "Gait Authentication Using Inertial Sensors for Wearable devices" by Ravichandran Subramanian

March 7, 2018 PhD Defense: "Dynamic Energy-Aware Database Storage and Operations" by Peyman Behzadnia

February 27, 2018  PhD Defense: "A Point Cloud Approach to Object Slicing for 3D Printing" by William E. Oropallo, Jr. 

February 13, 2018  Major Works: "A System Level Protocol Guided Solution for Post-Silicon System-on-Chip Debug" by Yuting Cao

February 12, 2018 Seminar: "High Performance Green Multicore Computing" by Professor Hironori Kasahara

December 15, 2017 Major Works: "Employing Fusion of Learned and Handcrafted Features for Unconstrained Ear Recognition" by Earnest Hansley 

December 12, 2017 Major Works: "Autonomous and Connected Vehicles An Embedded Systems Perspective" by Noureddine Elmehraz

November 28, 2017 Major Works: "A Survey on Power Management Techniques for Oversubscription of Multi-Tenant Data Centers" by Sulav Malla 

November 28, 2017 Major Works: "Learning to Generate Trajectories of Task-Oriented Object Manipulation form Demonstrations" by Yongqiang Huang 

November 17, 2017 Major Works: "Electric Grid Power Flow Model Camouflage Against Topology Leaking Attacks" by Ian Markwood

November 17, 2017 Major Works: "10 Challenges Facing Cyberlearning" by Zachariah J. Beasley 

November 7, 2017 Major Works: "Interactive Fitness Domains in Competitive Coevolutionary Algorithm" by ATM Golam Bari

October 30, 2017 PhD Defense: "Context-based Human Activity Recognition Using Multimodal Wearable Sensors" by Pratool Bharti

October 20, 2017 MS Defense: "Constructing a Clinical Research Data Management System" by Michael Christian Quintero

October 13, 2017 MS Defense: "Strong-DISM: A First Attempt to a Dynamically Typed Assembly Language" by Ivory Hernandez

October 13, 2017 PhD Defense: "Learning to Predict Outcomes from Soft Tissue Sarcoma MRI" by Hamidreza Farhidzadeh

August 10, 2017 Major Works: "CMDS - A Concurrent Database Management System" by Mehrad Eslami

July 11, 2017 Major Works: "Computing with Spatial Trees on GPUs" by Zhila Nouri

June 19, 2017 MS Defense: "Flexible and Feasible Support Measures for Mining Frequent Patterns in Large Labeled Graphs" by Jinghan Meng

June 19, 2017 MS Defense: "Computing the Rectilinear Crossing Number of Kn+1 from K1" by Soundarya Revoori

June 13, 2017 Major Works: "Survey on ASIP Synthesis" by Love Kumar Sah

June 5, 2017 PhD Defense: "An Anthropological Study of Security Operations Centers to Improve Operational Efficiency" by Sathya Chandran Sundaramurthy

May 25, 2017 PhD Defense: "Active Cleaning of Label Noise Using Support Vector Machines" by Rajmadhan Ekambaram

May 22, 2017 Major Works: "A Survey of Languages for Specifying Composition of Obligation Policies" by Yan Albright

May 19, 2017 Major Works: "High Level Synthesis Techniques for Secure Hardware Design" by Sheikh Ariful Islam

May 17, 2017 PhD Defense: "Multi-Scale Spatial Cognition Models and Bio-inspired Robot Navigation" by Martin Llofriu Alonso

May 10, 2017 MS Defense: "Lost in the Crowd? Quantifying Inherent Node Anonymity In Large Social Graphs" by Subramanian Viswanathan

May 10, 2017 PhD Defense: "Adaptive Region-Based Approaches for Cellular Segmentation of Bright-Field Microscopy Images" by Hady Ahmady Phoulady

May 2, 2017 MS Defense: "Experimental Analysis on the Feasibility of Voice Based Symmetric Key Generation for Embedded Devices" by Surya Bharat Kamineni

April 14, 2017 PhD Defense: "Estimation of Human Pose Categories and Physical Object Properties from Motion Techniques" by Mona Fathollahi

April 10, 2017 Major Works: "Capturing Tacit Knowledge in Security Operations for Usable Tool Building" by Sathya Chandran Sundaramurthy

April 6, 2017 Major Works: "Energy-Aware Data Storage and In-Memory Parallel Joins in Database Systems" by Peyman Behzadnia

March 10, 2017 PhD Defense: "Scalable Unsupervised Learning with Game Theory" by Alireza Chakeri

March 9, 2017 MS Defense: "Initial Comparative Empirical Usability Testing for the Collaborative Authentication System" by Kimberly S. Bursum

March 9, 2017 MS Defense: "Tradeoffs in Protocol Designs for Collaborative Authentication" by Jacob Venne

March 9, 2017 MS Defense: "RoboGrasp: Web Interface for Object Grasping" by Mohammad Alghamdi

March 3, 2017 PhD Defense: "Mitigation of Insider Attacks for Data Security in Distributed Computing Environment" by Santosh Aditham

February 27, 2017 Major Works: "Lung CT Radiomics: An Overview of Using Images as Data" by Samuel Hawkins

November 28, 2016 PhD Defense: "Semantic Descriptions of Videos with Pattern Theory" by Fillipe Dias Moreira de Souza

October 24, 2016 MS Defense: "Behavioral Modeling and FPGA Synthesis of IEEE 802.11a Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Algorithm" by Raghav Sharma

October 24, 2016 PhD Defense: "Locomotion in Virtual reality for Room Scale Tracked Areas for Neurotypical Individuals and Individuals with ASD" by Evren Bozgeyikli

October 24, 2016 PhD Defense: "Virtual Reality for Training Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Design Considerations" by Lal Bozgeyikli

October 21, 2016 MS Defense: "Scalable Clustering Using The Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence" by Alireza Chakeri

October 20, 2016  MS Defense: "Automatic Pain Assessment from Infants'  Crying Sounds" by Chi-Yun Pai

September 29, 2016 MS Defense: "Voltage droop analysis and mitigation in a STTRAM Last Level Cache" by Radha Krishna Aluru

September 23, 2016 MS Defense: "Pedestrian detection in low quality moving camera videos by Saurabh Hinduja

August 25, 2016 Major Works: "Game Theoretic Unsupervised Learning" by Alireza Chakeri

August 23, 2016 MS Defense: "Parallelization of Push-based system for molecular simulation data analysis by means of GPU" by Iliiazbek Akhmedov

August 2, 2016 MS Defense: "Protocol Guided Trace Analysis for Post-Silicon Debug under Limited Observability" by Yuting Cao

July 27, 2016 MS Defense: "Methodologies to Exploit ATPG Tools for De-camouflaging" by Deepak Reddy Vontela

July 27, 2016 MS Defense: "Threshold Voltage Defined Switches and Gates to Prevent Reverse Engineering" by Ithihasa Reddy Nirmala

July 25, 2016 Major Works: "Emerging Memory Technologies for Search and Security" by Rekha Govindaraj

July 21, 2016 Major Works: "Intersegmental Coordination in Insect Locomotion and its Application to Legged Robots" by John Rippetoe

June 27, 2016 MS Defense: "Fast Computation on Processing Data Warehousing Queries on GPU Devices" by Sam Cyrus

June 20, 2016 MS Defense: "Enforcing Security Policies On GPU Computing Through The Use Of Aspect-Oriented Programming Techniques" by Bader AlBassam

May 30, 2016 MS Defense: "MsSpark: Implementation of Molecular Simulation queries using Apache Spark" by Parneet Kaur

May 26, 2016 MS Defense: "Authentication in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN)" by Nagalaxmi Yenuganti

May 26, 2016 MS Defense: "A Communication Protocol for Nanogrids and its Application of Off-Grid Rural Areas of Developing Countries" by Sowmya Srikanth

May 26, 2016 MS Defense: "Secure Communication Scheme in Smart Home Environment" by Hari Krishna Jonnalagadda

May 19, 2016 MS Defense: "Video Data Collection for Identity Assurance in Cyber-security" by Janani Venkatesan

May 2, 2016 Major Works: "Techniques for Security in Big Data Systems" by Santosh Aditham

April 27, 2016 MS Defense: "Impact of Visualization on Engineers- A survey" by Dhaval Kashyap Shah

April 20, 2016 Major Works: "Rodent Spatial Cognition Abilities and Computational Models" by Martin Llofriu

April 15, 2016 Major Works: "Machine-based Infant Pain Assessment" by Ghadh Alzamzmi

April 6, 2016 MS Defense: "A Smartphone-based System for Clinical Gait Assessment" by Andrés A. Pérez León

March 31, 2016 MS Defense: "Determining the Effectiveness of Soil Treatment on Plant Stress using Smart-phone Cameras" by Anurag Panwar

March 25, 2016 PhD Defense: "A Quantified Model of Security Policies, with an Application for Injection-Attack Prevention" by Donald Ray

March 22, 2016 PhD Defense: "Design Exploration and Application of Reversible Circuits in Emerging Technologies" by Saurabh Kotiyal

March 16, 2016 PhD Defense: "The Role of Social Ties in Dynamic Networks" by Xiang Zuo 

March 4, 2016 Major Works: "State-of-the-Art Locomotion Techniques in Virtual Reality: with a Focus on Individuals with Autism" by Evren Bozgeyikli

March 4, 2016 Major Works: "A Survey on Virtual Reality for Training Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Design Considerations" by Lal Bozgeyikli

February 11, 2016 Major Works: "Exploiting Wireless Channel Characteristics for Physical Layer Security" by Song Fang

February 9, 2016 MS Defense: "Label Noise Cleaning Using Support Vector Machines" by Rajmadhan Ekambaram

January 28, 2016 Major Works: "Algorithms for Nucleus Detection and Segmentation in Microscopy Images" by Hady Ahmady Phoulady

November 18, 2015 Major Works: "Analysis of Soft Tissue Tumors in MRIs: Case study Soft Tissue Sarcomas" by Hamidreza Farhidzadeh

November 17, 2015 Major Works: "Biology Based Biometrics: Connecting Facial Biometrics to DNA, Anatomy and Forensics" by Kristina M. Contino

October 28, 2015 PhD Defense: "Direct Solutions to Perceptual Organization Problems" by 
Ravi Panchumarthy 

October 21, 2015 PhD Defense: "Synthesis Techniques for Sub-threshold Leakage and NBTI Optimization in Digital VLSI Systems" 
Shilpa Pendyala 

October 19, 2015 PhD Defense: "Content Abuse and Privacy Concerns in Online Social Networks" by
 Md Imrul Kayes 

October 6, 2015 MS Defense: "BlindCanSeeQL: Improved Blind SQL Injection For DB Schema Discovery Using A Predictive Dictionary From Web Scraped Word Based Lists"
Ryan Wheeler

October 2, 2015 MS Defense: "A Comparative Study of Formal Verification Techniques for Authentication Protocols
" by 
Hernan M. Palombo

August 28, 2015 PhD Defense: "Computational Methods for Biomarker Identification in Complex Disease" by
 Amin Ahmadi Adl