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Defenses and Seminars Archive

June 14, 2024 MS Defense: Anonymized Identity Tracking via Privacy Preserving Facial Encoding by Manas Sanjay Pakalapati

June 12, 2024 PhD Defense: High-Performance Computing in Next-Generation Sequencing Read Alignment by Minh Pham

May 15,2024 Major Works: Implicit Aspect Detection by Meghna Chaudhary

April 19, 2024 PhD Defense: An Inference-Centric Approach to Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Modeling by Animesh Nighojkar

March 29, 2024 PhD Defense: Context-aware Affective Behavior Modeling and Analytics by Md Taufeeq Uddin

March 21, 2024 Major Works: Comparative Study of Self-Supervised Pretrained Models for Land Use Classification in Satellite Images by Gilbert Rotich

March 20, 2024 MS Defense: Exploring The Use of Enhanced SWAD Towards Building Learned Models that Generalize Better to Unseen Sources by Brandon Weinhofer

March 22, 2024 Phd Defense: Improving Medical Image Classification Accuracy Through Unsupervised Segmentation and Confounder Mitigation with Limited Data by Nikolai Fetisov

March 13, 2024 MS Defense: Individual Behavioral Modeling Across Games of Strategy by Logan Fields

March 4, 2024 MS Defense: Programmable and Scalable Bit-Sliced VLSI Architecture for Decision Tree Based Machine Learning Edge Inference by Raaga Sai Somesula

Feb 2, 2024 MS Defense: Predicting Gender of Author Using Large Language Models (LLMs) by Satya Uday Sanku

Feb 2, 2024 Major Works: Classifying stages in the gonotrophic cycle of mosquitoes from images using computer vision techniques by Farhat Binte Azam

Dec 12, 2023 Major Works: Looking Deep at Gleason Grading Prostate Glandular Structures From Biopsy Scans by Ryan Botet Fogarty

Nov 29,2023 Majors Works: Developing Robotic Task Planning Methods for Diverse Real-World Challenges by Md Sadman Sakib

Nov 29, 2023 Major Works: Stance Detection: Integrating Active Learning and Generative Large Language Models Across Targets and Domains by Parush Gera

Nov  16, 2023 MS Defense: Semi-Automated Cell Annotation Framework Using Deep Learning by Abhiram Kandiyana

Nov 9, 2023 Major Works: Learning to see Around Corners: A Physics-Inspired Approach by Fadlullah Raji

Oct 27, 2023 PhD Defense: Deciphering Trends and Tactics: Data-driven Techniques for Forecasting Information Spread and Detecting Coordinated Campaigns in Social Media by Kin Wai NG

October 20, 2023 PhD Defense: Deep Learning-based Automatic Stereology for High- and Low-magnification Images by Hunter Morera

October 13th, 2023 MS Defense: Analyzing Multi-Leader Follower Formation in Obstacle-Laden Environments by Zachary Hinnen

October 12th, 2023 MS Defense: Brain-Inspired Spatio-Temporal Learning with Application to Robotics by Thiago André Ferreira Medeiros

October 4th, 2023 PhD Defense: Machine Learning for Electronic Design Automation by Md Rubel Ahmed

September 26, 2023 PhD Defense: A Psychometric Analysis of Natural Language Inference Using Transformer Language Models by Antonio Laverghetta J

September 11th, 2023 MS Defense: Evaluating Methods for Improving DNN Robustness Against Adversarial Attacks by Laureano Griffin

August 14th, 2023 Major Works: A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed: Investigating the Quality of Training Data from Peers for Auto-generating Empathetic Textual Responses to Non-Sensitive Posts in a Cohort of College Students by Ravi Sharma

June 20th, 2023 Defense of a Doctoral Dissertation: Algorithmic Design and Optimization of Wireless Medical Technology for Ambulatory Urodynamics by Farhath Zareen

June 15th, 2023 Defense of a Doctoral Dissertation: Enhancing Safety and Reliability of Closed-loop Medical Control Systems by Shakil Mahmud

June 14th, 2023 Defense of a Master’s Thesis: Only Pick Once-Multi Object Picking Algorithms for Picking Exact Number of Objects Efficiently by Zihe Ye

June 13th, 2023 Defense of a Doctoral Dissertation: Secure Lightweight Cryptographic Hardware Constructions for Deeply Embedded Systems by Jasmin Kaur

June 13th, 2023 Defense of a Master’s Thesis: Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) Based Intersection Movement Assist, Lane Change Assist, and Rear Traffic Jam Formation Safety Applications by Gustavo Olenscki

June 6th, 2023 Defense of a Doctoral Dissertation: An Empirical Investigation of Network Topology on Majority Illusion, Behavior Adoption, and Polarization by Sreeja Sreekantan Nair

April 19, 2023 Major Works: Inflicting Denial-of-Service via Serverless Functions in the Cloud by Junjie Xiong

April 19, 2023 Major Works: Textual Inference as a Cognitive Reasoning Process by Animesh Nighojkar

April 17, 2023 PhD Defense: Multimodal assessment of human behavior with applications in analysis of autism spectrum disorder by Sk Rahatul Jannat

April 7, 2023 Explainable Medical Image Analysis: Current Methods, Limitations, and Future Directions by Md Imran Hossain

April 3, 2023 Major Works The State-of-the-Art of Human-Drone Interaction: A Survey by Dante Tezza

March 24, 2023 PHD Defense: From Hardware to Software: Defending the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications by Brooks Olney

Mar 21, 2023 PHD Defense: V2V and V2I Based Safety and Platooning Algorithms for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles by Omkar Dokur

Mar 20, 2023 PHD Defense: Exploring Scalability of Multimodal User Interface Design in Virtual and Augmented Reality by Sarah Garcia

May 8th, 2023 Automated Approaches to Enable Innovative Civic Applications from Citizen Generated Imagery by Hye Seon Yi

Feb 15, 2023 PhD Defense: Graph Analysis on Social Networks by Shen Lu

Dec 5, 2022 Major Works: 'Systems and Methods for Learning Robot Manipulation Skills' by Juan Ricardo Wilches

Nov 30, 2022 Major Works: ‘Efficient Algorithms and Methods for Analyzing Probabilistic Models' by Mohammad Ahmadi

Nov 28, 2022 PHD Defense: ‘Reducing Training Demands for 3D Gait Recognition with Deep Koopman Operator Constraints' by Cole Hill

Nov 17, 2022 Major Works: ‘Trust On Visualizations’ by Bhavana Doppalapudi

Nov 17, 2022 PHD Defense: A Multiple Input Multiple Output Framework for The Automatic Optical Fractionator-based Cell Counting in Z-Stacks Using Deep Learning by Palak Dave

Nov 11, 2022 Major Works: Reliable Hardware Architectures for Lightweight Cryptographic Constructions in Secure Deeply Embedded Systems by Jasmin Kaur

Oct 31, 2022 MS Defense: Towards More Task-Generalized and Explainable AI Through Psychometrics by Alec Braynen

Oct 28, 2022 MS Defense: Preventing Variadic Function Attacks Through Argument Width Counting by Brennan Ward

Oct 28, 2022 Major Works: The Security of Wi-Fi Positioning System Via Geolocation API by Xiao Han

Oct 25, 2022 MS Defense: Task Progress Assessment and Monitoring using Self-Supervised Learning by Sainath Reddy Bobbala

Oct 25, 2022 Major Works: Therapist Perceptions of Automated Deception Detection in Mental Health Applications by Sayde Leya King

October 14, 2022 PhD Defense: Adaptive Multi-scale Place Cell Representations and Replay for Spatial Navigation and Learning in Autonomous Robots by Pablo Scleidorovich

October 13, 2022 PhD Defense: Towards High Performing and Reliable Deep Convulational Neural Network Models for Typically Limited Medical Imaging Datasets by Kaoutar Ben Ahmed

October 12, 2022 PhD Defense: Social Media Time Series Forecasting and User-Level Activity Prediction with Gradient Boosting, Deep Learning, and Data Augmentation by Fred Mubang

October 11, 2022 Major Works: Artificial Intelligence Versus Natural Selection: Using Computer Vision Techniques to Classify Bees and Bee Mimics by Tanvir Bhuiyan

October 6, 2022 MS Defense: A Study of Deep Learning Silhoutte Extractors for Gait Recognition by Sneha Oladhri 

September 30, 2022 PhD Defense: Generative Spatio-Temporal and Multimodal Analysis of Neonatal Pain by Md Sirajus Salekin

June 22, 2022 Major Works: Developing Technologies for Robotic Multi-objects Grasping by Tianze Chen

June 6, 2022 PhD Defense: Exploration of Energy Efficient Computing for Data Intensive Applications by Md Adnan Zaman

May 2, 2022 Major Works: Genetic Algorithm Cleaning in Sequential Data Mining by Kok Cheng Tan

April 22, 2022 Major Works: On the Detection of Multi-platform Coordinated Behavior in Social Media by Kin Wai NG

April 6, 2022 Major Works: Task-based Classification of Reflective Thinking using Mixture of Classifiers by Saandeep Aathreya 

April 6, 2022 Major Works: A Survey on NGS Read Mapping: The Current State of Algorithms and High-Performance Implementations by Minh Pham

April 5, 2022 Major Works: Predicting Psychometric Properties Using Artificial Intelligence by Antonio Laverghetta Jr

March 29, 2022 PhD Defense: Computing Group-By and Aggregate in Massively Parallel Systems by Chengcheng Mou

March 29, 2022 PhD Defense: Securing Critical Cyber Infrastructures and Functionalities via Machine Learning Empowered Strategies by Tao Hou

March 11, 2022 MS Defense: Predicting the Number of Objects in a Robotic Grasp by Utkarsh Tamrakar

March 10, 2022 MS Defense: Analyzing Decision-making in Robot Soccer for Attacking Behaviors by Justin Rodney

March 9, 2022 PhD Defense: Secure Hardware Constructions for Fault Detection of Lattice-based Post-quantum Cryptosystems by Ausmita Sarker

March 8, 2022 MS Defense: An Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Approach for Remote Assessment of
Head and Neck Cancer Patients by Ruchitha Chinthala

March 7, 2022 MS Defense: Autonomous Balancing Locomotion for Darwin-Op by Tommy Truong 

March 4, 2022 MS Defense: Developing Reinforcement Learning Algorithms for Robots to Aim and Pour Solid Objects by Haoxuan Li

March 3, 2022 PhD Defense: On the Reliability of Wearable Sensors for Assessing Movement Disorder Related Gait Quality and Imbalance: A Case Study of Multiple Sclerosis by Steven Díaz Hernández

February 11, 2022 Major Works: Survival Time Prediction from Unannotated Lung Cancer
Histopathology Images by Nikolai Fetisov

December 9, 2021 Major Works: Automated Approaches to Enable Innovative Civic Applications from Citizen Generated Imagery by Hye Seon Yi

December 8, 2021 Major Works: Algorithmic Design and Optimization of Wireless Medical Technology in Ambulatory Urodynamics by Farhath Zareen

December 7, 2021 Major Works:  From Hardware to Algorithms: Securing the Next Generation of Machine Learning Applications by Brooks Olney

December 3, 2021 Major Works: Classification of Global Microglia Proliferation Based on Deep Learning with Local Images by Hunter Morera

December 2, 2021 Major Works: Diffusion of social conventions across polarized communities: an empirical study by Sreeja Sreekantan Nair

November 30, 2021 Major Works: Hardware-based Solutions to Secure the Closed-loop Implantable Medical Devices by Shakil Mahmud

November 18, 2021 Major Works: Towards Affective Behavior Analytics using Quantified Facial Expressiveness by Md Taufeeq Uddin

November 17, 2021 Major Works: A Survey of Assessment, Measurement, and Interpretation of Extended Reality for Collaborative Virtual Environments By Sarah Garcia

November 15, 2021 Major Works: Comparing Deep Learning and Traditional Machine Learning on Android Malware Detection on Market-Scale Apps by Guojun Liu

October 28, 2021 PhD Defense: Learning State-Dependent Measurement Models to Improve Robot Localization by Troi A. Williams

October 28, 2021 PhD Defense: Human-centric Cybersecurity Research: From Trapping the Bad Guys to Helping the Good Ones by Armin Ziaie Tabari

October 22, 2021 MS Defense: Trilateration-Based Localization in Known Environments with Object Detection by Valeria Salas

October 19, 2021 MS Defense: Multi-object Localization in Robotic Hand by Tsing Tsow 

October 18, 2021 MS Defense: Using Hyper-Dimensional Spanning Trees to Improve Structure Preservation during Dimensionality Reduction by Curtis Davis

October 18, 2021 MS Defense: Automated Identification of Stages in Gonotrophic Cycle of Mosquitoes Using Computer Vision Techniques by Sherzod Kariev

October 15, 2021 Major Works: A Specification Mining Framework for Modeling System-on-Chip Design Behavior by Md Rubel Ahmed

October 8, 2021 PhD Defense: Constructing Frameworks for Task-Optimized Visualizations by Ghulam Jilani Quadri

October 6, 2021 Major Works: Recent Approaches of Temporal Social Network Prediction: A Survey by Fred Mubang

September 17, 2021 PhD Defense: Leveraging Channel State Information to Localize and Pair Wireless Devices by Abed Alanazi

July 7, 2021 MS Defense: Adaptive Mobile EEG Noise Cancellation Using 2D Convolutional Autoencoders for BCI Authentication by Tyree Lewis

June 30, 2021 PhD Defense: Knowledge Extraction and Inference Based on Visual Understanding of Cooking Contents by Ahmad Babaeian Jelodar

June 28, 2021 PhD Defense: Automated Wound Segmentation and Dimension Measurement Using RGB-D Image by Chih-Yun Pai

June 21, 2021 PhD Defense: Secure VLSI Hardware Design Against Intellectual Property (IP) Theft and Cryptographic Vulnerabilities by Matthew Dean Lewandowski

June 15, 2021 MS Defense: Recognizing Patterns from Vital Signs Using Spectrograms by Sidharth Srivatsav Sribhashyam

June 14, 2021 PhD Defense: Data-driven Studies on Social Networks: Privacy and Simulation by Sameera Horawalavithana

June 8, 2021 MS Defense: AffectiveTDA: Using Topological Data Analysis to Improve Analysis and Explainability in Affective Computing by Hamza Elhamdadi

May 21, 2021 MS Defense: Turkic Interlingua: A Case Study of Machine Translation in Low-Resource Languages by Jamshidbek Mirzakhalov

May 18, 2021 PhD Defense: Design, Deployment, and Validation of Computer Vision Techniques for Societal Scale Applications by Arup Kanti Dey

April 30, 2021 Major Works: A practical method of digital stain separation for deep learning-based automatic cell profile counts by Palak Dave

April 29, 2021 Major Works: Active Learning and Preprocessing for Medical Histopathology - A Literature Review by Christopher Collazo

April 29, 2021 Major Works: Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities in Mobile Fare Payment Applications by Kevin Dennis

April 22, 2021 Major Works: Autonomous Driving Frameworks – A Literature Survey by Omkar Dokur

April 19, 2021 Major Works: Self-Supervised Temporal Event Segmentation Inspired by Cognitive Theories by Ramy Mounir

April 9, 2021 Major Works: Processing-in-Memory (PIM) for Internet-of-Things (IoT) Edge Computing by Rajeev Joshi

April 9, 2021 Major Works: A Summary of Work on Video Anomaly Detection by Caio Cesar Viana da Silva

April 1, 2021 Major Works: Machine Learning Based Security and IoT Edge Computing on Hardware Platforms by Lakshmi Kavya Kalyanam

March 24, 2021 PhD Defense: Efficient Post-Quantum and Compact Cryptographic Constructions for the Internet of Things by Rouzbeh Behnia

March 23, 2021 PhD Defense: Analysis of Contextual Emotions Using Multimodal Data by Saurabh Hinduja

March 22, 2021 MS Defense: Automatic Detection of Vehicles in Satellite Images for Economic Monitoring by Cole Hill

March 19, 2021 PhD Defense: A Modular Framework for Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Military Operations by Dante Tezza

March 19, 2021 MS Defense: Pain Recognition Performance on a Single Board Computer by Iyonna L. Tynes

March 16, 2021 PhD Defense: Efficient Hardware Constructions for Error Detection of Post Quantum Cryptographic Schemes by Alvaro Cintas Canto

March 9, 2021 MS Defense: Exploring the Use of Neural Transformers for Psycholinguistics by Antonio Laverghetta Jr.

March 5, 2021 MS Defense: Recognizing Emotion in the Wild using Multimodal Data by Shivam Srivastava

February 9, 2021 Major Works: "Detecting Distracted Driving from Images by Processing Relative Locations of Objects of Interest Inside Vehicles" by Arup Kanti Dey

December 10, 2020 Major Works: "Spoofing Attacks Against Wireless Localization" by Chengbin Hu

December 9, 22020 Major Works: "Visual Analytics Processing in GPU-Based Database Management Systems" by Chengcheng Mou

December 1, 2020 Major Works: "Efficient Hardware Constructions for Error Detection of Post-Quantum Cryptographic Schemes" by Alvaro Cintas Canto

November 20, 2020 Major Works: "Proof-of-Useful-Randomness: Mitigating the Energy Waste in Blockchain Proof-of-Work" by Efe Ulas Akay Seyitoglu

November 16, 2020 Major Works: "SoK: Understanding Security Issues in Vehicle Transportation Systems in a Holistic, Context-aware Manner" by Anwesh Tuladhar

November 10, 2020 PhD Defense: "System Support of Concurrent Database Query Processing on a GPU" by Hao Li

November 9, 2020 PhD Defense: "Countermeasure Against Various Network Attacks Using Machine Learning Methods" by Yi Li

October 30, 2020 PhD Defense: "Unifying Security Policy Enforcement: Theory and Practice" by Shamaria Engram

October 30, 2020 PhD Defense: "Countermeasure Against Various Network Attacks Using Machine Learning Methods" by Yi Li

October 29, 2020 PhD Defense: "Micro-architectural Based Countermeasures for Control Flow and Misspeculation Based Software Attacks" by Love Kumar Sah

October 27, 2020 MS Defense: "The Efficiency and Accuracy of YOLO for Neonate Face
Detection in the Clinical Setting" by Jacqueline Hausmann

September 29, 2020 Major Works: "Behind the Mask: Understanding the Structural Forces That Make Social Graphs Vulnerable to Deanonymization" by Sameera Horawalavithana

September 24, 2020 Major Works: "GPU Accelerated Community Detection on Social Stream" by Shen Lu

September 18, 2020 MS Defense: "Feature Selection via Random Subsets of Uncorrelated Features" by Long Dang

September 17, 2020 MS Defense: "A Study of the Effectiveness of Topology-based Scalar Field Visualization Techniques on Comparison Tasks" by Tanmay J. Kotha

July 21, 2020 Major Works: "Signature Schemes Based on Efficient Additively Homomorphic One-way Functions" by Rouzbeh Behnia 

July 10, 2020 Major Works: "ProTO: Proactive Topology Obfuscation Against Adversarial Network Topology Inference" by Tao Hou

July 8, 2020 PhD Defense: "Deep Learning Predictive Modeling with Data Challenges (Small, Big, or Imbalanced)" by Renhao Liu

June 29, 2020 MS Defense: "Beyond the Hype: Challenges of Neural Networks as Applied to Social Networks" by Anthony Hernandez

June 25, 2020 MS Defense: "Edge Computing for Deep Learning-Based Distributed Real-time Object Detection on IoT Constrained Platforms at Low Frame Rate" by Lakshmi Kavya Kalyanam

June 24, 2020 Major Works: "Leveraging Channel State Information to Build Secure Pairing System for IoT Devices" by Abed Alanazi

June 23, 2020 PhD Defense: "Relational Joins on GPUs for In-Memory Database Query Processing" by Ran Rui

June 22, 2020 MS Defense: "Managing Off-Grid Power Use for Solar-Fueled Residences with Smart Appliances, Prices-to-Devices, and IoT" by Donnelle January

June 19, 2020 PhD Defense: "Efficient Viewshed Computation Algorithms on GPUs and CPUs" by Faisal Qarah

June 18, 2020 PhD Defense: "Machine Learning for the Internet of Things: Applications, Implementation and Security" by Vishalini Laguduva Ramnath

June 17, 2020 MS Defense: "Action Recognition Using the Motion Taxonomy" by Maxat Alibayev

June 16, 2020 PhD Defense: "Design of Support Measures for Counting Frequent Patterns in Graphs" by Jinghan Meng

June 15, 2020 PhD Defense: "Detecting Symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Congestive Heart Failure via Cough and Wheezing Sounds Using Smart-Phones and Machine Learning" by Anthony Windmon

May 29, 2020 PhD Defense: "Sentiment Analysis in Peer Review" by Zachariah J. Beasley

May 29, 2020 PhD Defense: "Automating the Classification of Mosquito Specimens using Image Processing Techniques" by Mona Minakshi

April 30, 2020 Major Works: "Impact of Age on Emotion Recognition" by Sk Rahatul Jannat

April 28, 2020 PhD Defense: "Active Deep Learning Method to Automate Unbiased Stereology Cell Counting" by Saeed Alahmari

April 23, 2020 PhD Defense: "Behavioral and RT-level Synthesis of Secure Nano VLSI Digital ASIC Designs" by Sheikh Ariful Islam

April 22, 2020 Major Works: "Generalizing Design of Support Measure for Frequent Patterns in Graphs" by Jinghan Meng

April 20, 2020 Major Works: "Fast Viewshed Computing Algorithm on GPU" by Faisal Qarah

April 17, 2020 PhD Defense: "Privacy-Preserving and Functional Information Systems" by Thang Hoang

April 8, 2020 PhD Defense: "Spatial Heterogeneity Utilization in CT Images for Lung Nodule Classification" by Dmitry Cherezov

April 1, 2020 PhD Defense: "Composition of Atomic-Obligation Security Policies" by Danielle Ferguson

March 31, 2020 PhD Defense: "Models of Software Enforcement and Development" by Hernán M. Palombo

March 30, 2020 PhD Defense: "Towards Safe Power Oversubscription and Energy Efficiency of Data Centers" by Sulav Malla

March 26, 2020 PhD Defense: "Algorithms to Profile Driver Behavior from Zero-permission Embedded Sensors" by Bharti Goel

March 12, 2020 MS Defense: "Novel Bit-sliced In-memory Computing Based VLSI Architecture for Fast Sobel Edge Detection in IoT Edge Devices" by Rajeev Joshi

March 11, 2020 MS Defense: "Recognizing Emotions with Physiological Signals Using 1D Convolutional LSTM Neural Network" by Rupal Agarwal

March 10, 2020 PhD Defense: "Keyless Anti-Jamming Communication via Randomized DSSS" by Ahmad Alagil

March 10, 2020 MS Defense: "Toward Culturally-Relevant Emotion Detection Using Physiological Signals" by Khadija Zanna

March 6, 2020 PhD Defense: "PoCo: A Language for Specifying Obligation-Based Policy Compositions" by Yan Albright

March 6, 2020 PhD Defense: "Functional Object3Oriented Network9 4 Knowledge Representation for Service Robotics" by David A Paulius

March 5, 2020 PhD Defense: "Algorithms and Framework for Computing 2-body Statistics on Graphics Processing Units" by Napath Pitaksirianan

March 3, 2020 PhD Defense: "Lung Nodule Malignancy Prediction from Computed Tomography Images using Deep learning" by Rahul Paul

February 26, 2020 Major Works: "A computational model for spatial cognition inspired by multiscale dorsal and ventral hippocampal place field maps" by Pablo Scleidorovich

February 7, 2020 MS Defense: "Efficient Forward-Secure and Compact Signatures for the Internet of Things (IoT)" by Efe Ulas Akay Seyitoglu

February 4, 2020 Major Works: "Privacy-Preserving and Functional Information Systems" by Thang Hoang

December 6, 2019 PhD Defense: "PsiDB: A Framework for Batched Query Processing and Optimization" by Mehrad Eslami

December 6, 2019 Major Works: "Neuroimaging Based Survival Time Prediction of GBM Patients Using CNNs from Small Data" by Kaoutar Ben Ahmed

December 5, 2019 Major Works: "Hardware Oriented Security and Trust: Anti-Theft and Attack Countermeasures" by Matthew Lewandowski

November 22, 2019 Major Works: "Reliable Error Detection Architectures for Secure Post-quantum Cryptosystems and Cloud Data Encryption" by Ausmita Sarker

November 21, 2019 Major Works: "Mitigating the Bias in Empathy Detection" by Saurabh Hinduja 

November 19, 2019 Major Works: "Predicting Longitudinal User Activity at Fine Time Granularity in Online Collaborative Platforms" by Renhao Liu

November 18, 2019 Major Works: "Modelling Effective Visualization Using Graphical Encoding Perception" by Ghulam Jilani Quadri

November 18, 2019 Major Works: "Temporal Multimodal Analysis of Neonatal Postoperative Pain" by Md Sirajus Salekin

November 7, 2019 PhD Defense: "Efficient Algorithms and Applications in Topological Data Analysis" by Junyi Tu

November 1, 2019 Major Works: "Fostering Research and Innovation in Public Transportation: A Data Driven Approach" by Jorge Adorno Nieves

October 29, 2019 Major Works: "Learning State-Dependent, Sensor Measurement for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping" by Troi Williams

October 25, 2019 MS Defense: "On Automation of Code Transformations for Concept Inventory Misconceptions" by Dmytro Vitel

October 24, 2019 PhD Defense: "A GPU-Based Framework for Parallel Spatial Indexing and Query Processing" by Zhila Nouri Lewis

October 22, 2019 PhD Defense: "Authentication Usability Methodology" by Jean-Baptiste Subils

October 17, 2019 MS Defense: "Detecting Digitally Forged Faces in Online Videos" by Neilesh Sambhu

October 11, 2019 MS Defense: "Multimodal Emotion Recognition using 3D Facial Landmarks, Action Units, and Physiological Data" by Diego Fabiano 

September 20, 2019 PhD Defense: "Interactive Fitness Domains in Competitive Coevolutionary Algorithms" by A.T.M. Golam Bari

September 17, 2019 Major Works: "Cancer Heterogeneity in PET, CT, and MR Imaging: A Review" by Dmitry Cherezov

August 30, 2019 Major Works: "A First Step Towards Understanding Real-world Attacks on IoT Devices" by Armin Ziaie Tabari

August 23, 2019 Major Works: "G-SDBMS – a GPU-based Streaming Database Management System" by Hao Li

August 21, 2019 Major Works: "A Review of Formal Models of Security Mechanisms" by Shamaria Engram

July 25, 2019 Major Works: "Automatic Pressure Ulcer Measurement using RGB-D Data" by Chih-Yun Pai

June 17, 2019 PhD Defense: "A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Community Engagement on Social Media During Disasters" by Adel Alshehri

June 12, 2019 PhD Defense: "Wireless Physical Layer Design for Confidentiality and Authentication" by Tao Wang

June 6, 2019 PhD Defense: "Phenomena of Social Dynamics in Online Games" by Essa Alhazmi

May 31, 2019 PhD Defense: "Beyond Labels and Captions: Contextualizing Grounded Semantics for Explainable Visual Interpretation" by Sathyanarayan Aakur Narasimhan

May 23, 2019 Major Works: "TussisWatch: A Smart-phone System to Identify Cough Episodes as Early Symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Congestive Heart Failure" by Anthony Windmon

May 16, 2019 MS Defense: "Autonomous Monocular Obstacle Detection for Avoidance in Quadrotor" by Panos Valavanis

May 13, 2019 PhD Defense: "Malicious Manipulation in Service-Oriented Network and Software Systems:Threats and Defenses" by Dakun Shen

April 29, 2019 MS Defense: "Measuring Influence Across Social Media Platforms: Empirical Analysis Using Symbolic Transfer Entropy" by Abhishek Bhattacharjee

April 25, 2019 PhD Defese: "Authentication and SQL-Injection Prevention Techniques in Web Applications" by Cagri Cetin

April 25, 2019 Major Works: "Memristor based System Modeling and Synthesis: A Survey" by Md Adnan Zaman

April 25, 2019 Major Works: "Authentication Using Methodology" by Jean Baptiste-Subils

April 25, 2019 Major Works: "Leveraging Smartphone and Wearable Sensors to Detect Distraction While Driving" by Bharti Goel

April 24, 2019 Major Works: "A Machine Learning Framwork for Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA)-Based Malware Detection" by Yi Li

April 22, 2019 Major Works: "Long Activity Video Understanding using Functional Object Oriented Network" by Ahmad Babaeian Jelodar

April 11, 2019 Major Works: "Machine Learning in Hardware - A Survey" by Vishalini Laguduva Ramnath

April 3, 2019 Major Works: "The State-of-the-Art of Human-Drone Interaction: A Survey" by Dante Tezza

April 2, 2019 Major Works: "A Machine Learning Framework to Classify Mosquito Species from Smartphone Images" by Mona Minakshi

March 28, 2019 Major Works: "A Low Cost and Mobile System for Lower Body Rehabilitation" by Steven Díaz Hernández

March 20, 2019 PhD Defense: "Force Feedback and Intelligent Workspace Selection for Legged Locomotion Over Uneven Terrain" by John Rippetoe

March 19, 2019 Major Works: "A Machine Learning Approach to Predicting Community Engagement on Social Media During Disasters" by Adel Alshehri

March 18, 2019 PhD Defense: "Generating Robotic Manipulation Motions by Learning from Human Demonstrations" by Yongqiang Huang

March 8, 2019 MS Defense: "Empirical Analysis of a Cybersecurity Scoring System" by Jaleel Ahmed

March 7, 2019 Major Works: "Randomized Positioning DSSS for Anti-Jamming Wireless Communications" by Ahmad Alagil

March 6, 2019 Major Works: "Automating Cell Count in Microscopic Images of Stained Tissues Using Deep Learning and Unbiased Stereology" by Saeed Alahmari

March 6, 2019 MS Defense: "A Flexible, Natural Deduction, Automated Reasoner for Quick Deployment of Non-Classical Logic" by Trisha Mukhopadhyay

March 1, 2019 MS Defense: "Parallelization of Genetic Algorithm to solve MAX-3SAT problem on GPUs" by Prakruthi Shivram 

February 15, 2019 MS Defense: "Detecting RTL Trojans Using Artificial Immune Systems and High-Level Behavior Classification" by Farhath Zareen 

January 31, 2019 MS Defense: "An Efficient Runtime CFI Check for Embedded Processors to Detect and Prevent Control Flow Based Attacks" by Srivarsha Polnati

January 29, 2019 Major Works: "Coauthentication" by Cagri Cetin

December 18, 2018 Seminar: "Personal Data Leakage and Other Privacy Violations in the Era of Big Data Mining" by Nicolas Kourtellis

December 05, 2018 Major Works: "An Empirical Study on Team Formation in Online Games" by Essa Alhazmi

November 09, 2018 Major Works: "The Role of Commonsense Knowledge in Visual Understanding" by Sathyanarayanan N. Aakur

November 02, 2018 Seminar: "Analog Circuit Security in the Digital World" by Professor Yier Jin

October 23, 2018 Seminar: "Leveraging Tunable Randomness in Spin-based Devices for Neuromorphic and Secure Computation Computing" by Professor Ronald F. DeMara

October 26, 2018 PhD Defense: "A Secure Computing Platform for Building Automation Using Microkernel-based Operating Systems" by Xiaolong Wang

October 19, 2018 MS Defense: "Gate Level Probabilistic Simulation Based Hardware Trojan Susceptibility Analysis of Combinational Circuits" by Venkata Lakshmi Bhargavi Gurram

October 18, 2018 MS Defense: "Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning with Physiological Data" by Astha Sharma

October 12, 2018 PhD Defense: "On the Feasibility of Profiling, Forecasting and Authenticating Internet Usage Based on Privacy Preserving NetFlow Logs" by Soheil Sarmadi

October 12, 2018 MS Defense: "Drone Movement Control using Gesture Recognition from Wearable Device" by Venkata Sireesha Dadi

October 01, 2018 MS Defense: "Change Descriptors for Determining Nodule Malignancy in Lung CT Screening Images" by Benjamin Geiger

June 13, 2018 Phd Defense: "Similarity Based Large Scale Malware Analysis: Techniques and Implications" by Yuping Li

June 01, 2018 MS Defense: "A Quantitative Analysis of Shape Characteristics of Marine Snow Particles with Interactive Visualization: Validation of Assumptions in Coagulation Models" by Palak P Dave

May 01, 2018 Major Works: "Precise and General Static Analysis Framework for Security Vetting of Android Apps" by Fengguo Wei

April 24, 2018 PhD Defense: "Offensive and Defensive Security for Everyday Computer Systems" by Ian Markwood

April 23, 2018 Major Works: "Parallel computing of contour tree and persistent pairing of Reeb graph" by Junyi Tu

April 20, 2018 PhD Defense: "Automatic Assessment of Neonatal Pain" by Ghada Zamzmi

April 20, 2018 PhD Defense: "Gait Authentication Using Inertial Sensors for Wearable devices" by Ravichandran Subramanian

March 7, 2018 PhD Defense: "Dynamic Energy-Aware Database Storage and Operations" by Peyman Behzadnia

February 27, 2018  PhD Defense: "A Point Cloud Approach to Object Slicing for 3D Printing" by William E. Oropallo, Jr. 

February 13, 2018  Major Works: "A System Level Protocol Guided Solution for Post-Silicon System-on-Chip Debug" by Yuting Cao

February 12, 2018 Seminar: "High Performance Green Multicore Computing" by Professor Hironori Kasahara

December 15, 2017 Major Works: "Employing Fusion of Learned and Handcrafted Features for Unconstrained Ear Recognition" by Earnest Hansley 

December 12, 2017 Major Works: "Autonomous and Connected Vehicles An Embedded Systems Perspective" by Noureddine Elmehraz

November 28, 2017 Major Works: "A Survey on Power Management Techniques for Oversubscription of Multi-Tenant Data Centers" by Sulav Malla 

November 28, 2017 Major Works: "Learning to Generate Trajectories of Task-Oriented Object Manipulation form Demonstrations" by Yongqiang Huang 

November 17, 2017 Major Works: "Electric Grid Power Flow Model Camouflage Against Topology Leaking Attacks" by Ian Markwood

November 17, 2017 Major Works: "10 Challenges Facing Cyberlearning" by Zachariah J. Beasley 

November 7, 2017 Major Works: "Interactive Fitness Domains in Competitive Coevolutionary Algorithm" by ATM Golam Bari

October 30, 2017 PhD Defense: "Context-based Human Activity Recognition Using Multimodal Wearable Sensors" by Pratool Bharti

October 20, 2017 MS Defense: "Constructing a Clinical Research Data Management System" by Michael Christian Quintero

October 13, 2017 MS Defense: "Strong-DISM: A First Attempt to a Dynamically Typed Assembly Language" by Ivory Hernandez

October 13, 2017 PhD Defense: "Learning to Predict Outcomes from Soft Tissue Sarcoma MRI" by Hamidreza Farhidzadeh

August 10, 2017 Major Works: "CMDS - A Concurrent Database Management System" by Mehrad Eslami

July 11, 2017 Major Works: "Computing with Spatial Trees on GPUs" by Zhila Nouri

June 19, 2017 MS Defense: "Flexible and Feasible Support Measures for Mining Frequent Patterns in Large Labeled Graphs" by Jinghan Meng

June 19, 2017 MS Defense: "Computing the Rectilinear Crossing Number of Kn+1 from K1" by Soundarya Revoori

June 13, 2017 Major Works: "Survey on ASIP Synthesis" by Love Kumar Sah

June 5, 2017 PhD Defense: "An Anthropological Study of Security Operations Centers to Improve Operational Efficiency" by Sathya Chandran Sundaramurthy

May 25, 2017 PhD Defense: "Active Cleaning of Label Noise Using Support Vector Machines" by Rajmadhan Ekambaram

May 22, 2017 Major Works: "A Survey of Languages for Specifying Composition of Obligation Policies" by Yan Albright

May 19, 2017 Major Works: "High Level Synthesis Techniques for Secure Hardware Design" by Sheikh Ariful Islam

May 17, 2017 PhD Defense: "Multi-Scale Spatial Cognition Models and Bio-inspired Robot Navigation" by Martin Llofriu Alonso

May 10, 2017 MS Defense: "Lost in the Crowd? Quantifying Inherent Node Anonymity In Large Social Graphs" by Subramanian Viswanathan

May 10, 2017 PhD Defense: "Adaptive Region-Based Approaches for Cellular Segmentation of Bright-Field Microscopy Images" by Hady Ahmady Phoulady

May 2, 2017 MS Defense: "Experimental Analysis on the Feasibility of Voice Based Symmetric Key Generation for Embedded Devices" by Surya Bharat Kamineni

April 14, 2017 PhD Defense: "Estimation of Human Pose Categories and Physical Object Properties from Motion Techniques" by Mona Fathollahi

April 10, 2017 Major Works: "Capturing Tacit Knowledge in Security Operations for Usable Tool Building" by Sathya Chandran Sundaramurthy

April 6, 2017 Major Works: "Energy-Aware Data Storage and In-Memory Parallel Joins in Database Systems" by Peyman Behzadnia

March 10, 2017 PhD Defense: "Scalable Unsupervised Learning with Game Theory" by Alireza Chakeri

March 9, 2017 MS Defense: "Initial Comparative Empirical Usability Testing for the Collaborative Authentication System" by Kimberly S. Bursum

March 9, 2017 MS Defense: "Tradeoffs in Protocol Designs for Collaborative Authentication" by Jacob Venne

March 9, 2017 MS Defense: "RoboGrasp: Web Interface for Object Grasping" by Mohammad Alghamdi

March 3, 2017 PhD Defense: "Mitigation of Insider Attacks for Data Security in Distributed Computing Environment" by Santosh Aditham

February 27, 2017 Major Works: "Lung CT Radiomics: An Overview of Using Images as Data" by Samuel Hawkins

November 28, 2016 PhD Defense: "Semantic Descriptions of Videos with Pattern Theory" by Fillipe Dias Moreira de Souza

October 24, 2016 MS Defense: "Behavioral Modeling and FPGA Synthesis of IEEE 802.11a Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Algorithm" by Raghav Sharma

October 24, 2016 PhD Defense: "Locomotion in Virtual reality for Room Scale Tracked Areas for Neurotypical Individuals and Individuals with ASD" by Evren Bozgeyikli

October 24, 2016 PhD Defense: "Virtual Reality for Training Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Design Considerations" by Lal Bozgeyikli

October 21, 2016 MS Defense: "Scalable Clustering Using The Dempster-Shafer Theory of Evidence" by Alireza Chakeri

October 20, 2016  MS Defense: "Automatic Pain Assessment from Infants'  Crying Sounds" by Chi-Yun Pai

September 29, 2016 MS Defense: "Voltage droop analysis and mitigation in a STTRAM Last Level Cache" by Radha Krishna Aluru

September 23, 2016 MS Defense: "Pedestrian detection in low quality moving camera videos by Saurabh Hinduja

August 25, 2016 Major Works: "Game Theoretic Unsupervised Learning" by Alireza Chakeri

August 23, 2016 MS Defense: "Parallelization of Push-based system for molecular simulation data analysis by means of GPU" by Iliiazbek Akhmedov

August 2, 2016 MS Defense: "Protocol Guided Trace Analysis for Post-Silicon Debug under Limited Observability" by Yuting Cao

July 27, 2016 MS Defense: "Methodologies to Exploit ATPG Tools for De-camouflaging" by Deepak Reddy Vontela

July 27, 2016 MS Defense: "Threshold Voltage Defined Switches and Gates to Prevent Reverse Engineering" by Ithihasa Reddy Nirmala

July 25, 2016 Major Works: "Emerging Memory Technologies for Search and Security" by Rekha Govindaraj

July 21, 2016 Major Works: "Intersegmental Coordination in Insect Locomotion and its Application to Legged Robots" by John Rippetoe

June 27, 2016 MS Defense: "Fast Computation on Processing Data Warehousing Queries on GPU Devices" by Sam Cyrus

June 20, 2016 MS Defense: "Enforcing Security Policies On GPU Computing Through The Use Of Aspect-Oriented Programming Techniques" by Bader AlBassam

May 30, 2016 MS Defense: "MsSpark: Implementation of Molecular Simulation queries using Apache Spark" by Parneet Kaur

May 26, 2016 MS Defense: "Authentication in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN)" by Nagalaxmi Yenuganti

May 26, 2016 MS Defense: "A Communication Protocol for Nanogrids and its Application of Off-Grid Rural Areas of Developing Countries" by Sowmya Srikanth

May 26, 2016 MS Defense: "Secure Communication Scheme in Smart Home Environment" by Hari Krishna Jonnalagadda

May 19, 2016 MS Defense: "Video Data Collection for Identity Assurance in Cyber-security" by Janani Venkatesan

May 2, 2016 Major Works: "Techniques for Security in Big Data Systems" by Santosh Aditham

April 27, 2016 MS Defense: "Impact of Visualization on Engineers- A survey" by Dhaval Kashyap Shah

April 20, 2016 Major Works: "Rodent Spatial Cognition Abilities and Computational Models" by Martin Llofriu

April 15, 2016 Major Works: "Machine-based Infant Pain Assessment" by Ghadh Alzamzmi

April 6, 2016 MS Defense: "A Smartphone-based System for Clinical Gait Assessment" by Andrés A. Pérez León

March 31, 2016 MS Defense: "Determining the Effectiveness of Soil Treatment on Plant Stress using Smart-phone Cameras" by Anurag Panwar

March 25, 2016 PhD Defense: "A Quantified Model of Security Policies, with an Application for Injection-Attack Prevention" by Donald Ray

March 22, 2016 PhD Defense: "Design Exploration and Application of Reversible Circuits in Emerging Technologies" by Saurabh Kotiyal

March 16, 2016 PhD Defense: "The Role of Social Ties in Dynamic Networks" by Xiang Zuo 

March 4, 2016 Major Works: "State-of-the-Art Locomotion Techniques in Virtual Reality: with a Focus on Individuals with Autism" by Evren Bozgeyikli

March 4, 2016 Major Works: "A Survey on Virtual Reality for Training Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Design Considerations" by Lal Bozgeyikli

February 11, 2016 Major Works: "Exploiting Wireless Channel Characteristics for Physical Layer Security" by Song Fang

February 9, 2016 MS Defense: "Label Noise Cleaning Using Support Vector Machines" by Rajmadhan Ekambaram

January 28, 2016 Major Works: "Algorithms for Nucleus Detection and Segmentation in Microscopy Images" by Hady Ahmady Phoulady

November 18, 2015 Major Works: "Analysis of Soft Tissue Tumors in MRIs: Case study Soft Tissue Sarcomas" by Hamidreza Farhidzadeh

November 17, 2015 Major Works: "Biology Based Biometrics: Connecting Facial Biometrics to DNA, Anatomy and Forensics" by Kristina M. Contino

October 28, 2015 PhD Defense: "Direct Solutions to Perceptual Organization Problems" by Ravi Panchumarthy 

October 21, 2015 PhD Defense: "Synthesis Techniques for Sub-threshold Leakage and NBTI Optimization in Digital VLSI Systems" by Shilpa Pendyala 

October 19, 2015 PhD Defense: "Content Abuse and Privacy Concerns in Online Social Networks" by Md Imrul Kayes 

October 6, 2015 MS Defense: "BlindCanSeeQL: Improved Blind SQL Injection For DB Schema Discovery Using A Predictive Dictionary From Web Scraped Word Based Lists" by Ryan Wheeler

October 2, 2015 MS Defense: "A Comparative Study of Formal Verification Techniques for Authentication Protocols" by Hernan M. Palombo

August 28, 2015 PhD Defense: "Computational Methods for Biomarker Identification in Complex Disease" by Amin Ahmadi Adl