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Outstanding Graduates

Each semester, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has named an Outstanding Graduate at the Induction to the Profession Ceremony. This is a privilege of the highest honor. Since the Fall 2016, an Outstanding Graduate within the CSE department has been named for Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology.

Below is a list of all previous Outstanding Graduates within the CSE department. 

Semester of Graduation

Name of Outstanding Graduate (Concentration)

Spring 2024

Austin Veltri (Computer Science)

Jacob Hansen (Computer Engineering)

Aaron Brown (Cybersecurity)

Collin Reynolds (Information Technology)

Fall 2023

Chau Nguyen (Computer Science)

Omar Alkhawaldeh (Computer Engineering)

An Nguyen (Cybersecurity)

Nina Kamath (Information Technology)

Spring 2023

Comfort Anyanwu (Computer Engineering)

John Meeks (Computer Science)

Kayley Burinski (Cybersecurity)

Patric Damiens (Information Technology)

Fall 2022

Ha Nhi Nguyen (Computer Science)

Malek Khaled Zaben (Computer Engineering)

Cade Price (Cybersecurity)

Seth Bertram (Information Technology)

Spring 2022

Param Vipulkumar Chokshi (Computer Science)

Noah Grzywacz (Computer Engineering

Brandt Stevenson (Cybersecurity)

Ayesha Siddiqua (Information Technology)

Fall 2021

Adheesh Shenoy (Computer Science)

Mateus Augusto Fernandes Amador (Computer Engineering)

Ebin Maddox (Cybersecurity)

Claudia Sucre (Information Technology)

Spring 2021

Qi Zheng (Computer Science)

John Aguilar (Computer Engineering)

Taylor Nobles (Cybersecurity)

Gwen Octavia (Information Technology)

Fall 2020

David Medina (Computer Engineering)

Sofia Keane (Computer Science)

Alexander Palasek (Information Technology)

Jacob Kilgore (Cybersecurity)

Spring 2020

Salma Eid (Computer Engineering)

Willie McClinton (Computer Science)

Zima Patel (Information Technology)

Ryan Borum (Cybersecurity)

Fall 2019

Adil Riazudeen (Computer Engineering)

Jordano Baer (Computer Science)

Angelo Rittacco (Information Technology)

Zachary Wallace (Cybersecurity)

Spring 2019

Alexander Alava Chonchol (Computer Engineering)

Neilish Sambhu (Computer Science)

Jacob Graham (Information Technology)

Jordan Allen (Cybersecurity)

Fall 2018

Ryan McBride (Computer Engineering)

Briana Luthman (Computer Science)

Lily Tang (Computer Science)

Peter Butler (Information Technology)

Petar Betuhovski (Cybersecurity)

Spring 2018

Brian Uzan (Computer Engineering)

Kevin Dennis (Computer Science)

Jordan Bermudez (Information Technology)

Fall 2017

Ivan Shindev (Computer Engineering)

Ryan Kurtz (Computer Science)

Ian Allen (Information Technology)

Spring 2017

Daniel Gomero (Computer Engineering)

Efe Guldogan (Computer Science)

Guiherme Machado (Information Technology)

Fall 2016

William Martin (Computer Engineering)

Justin Calean (Computer Science)

Andrew Hagelin (Information Technology)

Spring 2016 Daniel Sirmons (Computer Science & Engineering)
Fall 2015 Denys Kukushkin (Computer Science & Engineering)
Spring 2015 John Rooks (Computer Science & Engineering)
Fall 2014 Cheng Wei Lin (Computer Science & Engineering)
Spring 2014 Christopher Eggert (Computer Science & Engineering)
Fall 2013 Meryam Berrada (Computer Science & Engineering)
Spring 2013 Evan Kroske (Computer Science & Engineering)
Fall 2012 Khoa A. Tran (Computer Science & Engineering)
Spring 2012 Jose Eduardo Cadena Pico (Computer Science & Engineering)
 Fall 2011  Stephen Luke Coder (Computer Science & Engineering)
Spring 2011 Jeffrey Cama (Computer Science & Engineering)
 Fall 2010 Donald Ray (Computer Science & Engineering)
Spring 2010

Giuseppe Di Natale (Computer Science & Engineering)

Francesco Di Natale (Computer Science & Engineering)

Fall 2009 Ryan Gonet (Computer Science & Engineering)
Spring 2009 Melinda Black (Computer Science & Engineering)
Fall 2008 Christopher L. Gage (Computer Science & Engineering)
Spring 2008 Nicholas Donataccio (Computer Science & Engineering)
Fall 2007 Paola A. Gonzalez (Computer Science & Engineering)
Spring 2007 Khoi Nguyen (Computer Science & Engineering)
Fall 2006 Ryan Barkley (Computer Science & Engineering)
Spring 2006 Daniel Berganza (Computer Science & Engineering)
Fall 2005 Darshit J. Patel (Computer Science & Engineering)