Bachelor's/Master's Pathways

Please review the requirements in the Graduate Catalog.

General requirements:

  • 15 Credit Hours must be completed in the undergraduate major before a student may apply
  • 3.33 GPA overall and a 3.50 GPA in the undergraduate major

The program allows undergraduate students to take up to six (6) credits of graduate-level courses and count them toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees, or “double dip” them.

In order to apply, students are required to submit the following documents:

Please contact the Academic Program Specialist for the Program of Study form and for help with the application. 

We are currently offering the following pathway programs:

Computer Science, M.S.C.S.

Computer Science B.S.C.S. (120 Hours) to Computer Science M.S.C.S. (30 Hours)
Total Combined after sharing: 144 Credit Hours
Shared Courses - 6 Credit Hours

Two of the following three core graduate courses replace six credit hours of upper-level departmental (technical) electives, including Independent Study, Supervised Research, and Industry Internship. 

COP 6611 Operating Systems
COT 6405 Introduction to the Theory of Algorithms
EEL 6764 Principles of Computer Architecture

If you wish to have a course other than these three considered, you will need to submit a petition and provide a justification for your request. Please email it to Dr. John Morgan.

Application Deadlines

There are no official application deadlines, but the complete application should be submitted to the Graduate Program Specialist at least four weeks before the last day to register for classes. The application must be approved by Graduate Studies and then a permit will be issued for the student to register for the graduate-level course. The earlier the student submits the application, the better, as classes do fill up and being accepted into the program does not guarantee you a seat in the class. 

Admission and Financial Aid

After having submitted the Bachelor’/Master’s Pathway Application and having been  admitted into the program, the student will retain their undergraduate status. This means they will also retain all scholarships and financial aid awards. You will, however, be required to sit down with a Financial Aid advisor prior to submitting the application form, if you receive financial aid.

International students must also receive approval from International Services.

Progression to Graduate Status

Once you have completed your undergraduate degree requirements, you will apply for graduation and submit the Bachelor’s/Master’s Pathway Progression form. Once your degree has been conferred, your status will change to graduate status. Before submitting the form, if you receive financial aid, you will again be required to sit down with a Financial Aid advisor.

If you decide not to progress to the master’s program at the time of your undergraduate graduation, you will still receive your bachelor’s degree, but will no longer receive the benefits of the program. If you decide later to come back and finish your master's degree, you will be required to reapply through the Office of Graduate Admissions, and the graduate courses you took as an undergrad will no longer count toward your master’s degree.

If you enroll in the program and decide that you would like to pursue the PhD degree, you must submit a new application to the University. Directions and requirements can be found here.