BS/MS 5-Year Program

The CSE Accelerated BS/MS Program allows academically qualified CSE undergraduate students to complete an undergraduate Bachelor's degree and a graduate Master's degree on an accelerated timeline, completing both degrees sooner than in traditional programs.

One of the main advantages is that students can take up to six (6) graduate credit hours and count them toward their Bachelor's and Master's degrees. The GRE requirement is also waived.

Admission into the Accelerated BS/MS Program is accomplished in one of two ways:

  • Faculty Nomination
  • Student self-application

In order to apply, students are required to submit the following documents:

  • Accelerated Program Application 
  • Three (3) CSE Faculty Recommendation Forms
  • Statement of Purpose

We are currently offering the following accelerated programs:

Computer Science Computer Engineering Information Technology

Application Deadlines

There are no official application deadlines, but the complete application should be submitted by the last day of classes for the semester.

Admission and Financial Aid

After having submitted the Accelerated Program Application form and being admitted into the program, the student will retain their undergraduate status. This means they will also retain all scholarships and financial aid awards. You will, however, be required to sit down with a financial aid advisor prior to submitting the application form, if you receive financial aid.

Progression to Graduate Status

Once you have completed your undergraduate degree requirements, you will apply for undergraduate application and submit the Accelerated Program Progression form. Once your degree has been conferred, your status will change to graduate status. Before submitting the form, if you receive financial aid, you will again be required to sit down with a financial aid advisor.

If you decide to withdraw from the Accelerated BS/MS Program after completing your undergraduate degree requirements and receiving your degree, that is fine; however, you must submit a voluntary withdrawal form that can be found on the Office of Graduate Studies' website.

If you decide later to come back and finish your Master's degree, you will be required to reapply through the Office of Admissions. There will be not shared credits that you took as an undergraduate – in other words, if you used six (6) graduate credits towards your Bachelor's degree, you will not be able to use those same six (6) credits towards your Master's degree.

If you enroll in the program and decide that you would like to pursue the PhD degree, you must submit a new application to the University. Directions and requirements can be found here.

Application Forms

Step One: Accelerated Program Application
Step Two: Accelerated Program Progression

CSE Faculty Recommendation Form