PhD Program

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred in recognition of a candidate’s highest level of scholarly competence and demonstrated capability to independently conduct and report significant research in computer science and engineering. This achievement requires more than an accumulation of course credits over a stated period of residence. Scholarly competence is achieved through systematic study and investigation in the chosen discipline at an advanced level.

The major professor and at least two committee members will be from the Computer Science and Engineering department. Research capability is developed during the course of study and is achieved through the completion of significant and independent research. The results of this research must be formally presented in a written dissertation and successfully defended before an examining committee. The dissertation must demonstrate the significance of the research as well as the candidate’s ability to organize and present her/his results in a professional manner.

A minimum of 72 semester hours including dissertation hours beyond the baccalaureate degree are required of all PhD students

Post-Bachelor’s: 72 hours minimum

  • Core – 9 credit hours
  • Coursework – 24 credit hours
  • Independent study/dir research – up to 15 hours
  • Dissertation – at least 20 credit hours

Post-Master’s: 42 hours minimum

  • Core – 9 credit hours
  • Independent study/dir research – up to 15 hours
  • Dissertation – at least 20 credit hours

 These are the major PhD milestones:

  1. Complete the 3 core courses with a 3.6 GPA or better
  2. Pass the PhD qualifying exam with a score of 24 or better
  3. Submit your PhD Committee Form 
  4. Schedule your Major Area Presentation
  5. Complete your Major Area Presentation and submit your application for candidacy
  6. Once admitted to candidacy, start taking dissertation hours
  7. Complete at least 20 hours of dissertation
  8. Schedule your dissertation defense and apply for graduation
  9. You must have a final plan of work on file the semester before you plan to graduate, but it is recommended you submit one the semester you plan to finish your 33 hours of coursework. An approved plan of work confirms that you have met this requirement and all your classes will count towards your degree. 

 Please see the catalog for more information

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