Diego Fabiano gets Honorable Mention for CRA Undergraduate Researcher Award 2019

January 3, 2019

Diego Fabiano Santalices, computer science graduate student studying under the advisement of Assistant Professor Shaun Canavan, received an honorable mention in the Computing Research Association Undergraduate Research Award for 2019. Those nominated for this award were admirable students who contributed in many ways to their research projects. Fabiano Santalices’ research focuses on affective computing using multimodal data that includes gaze, 2D and 3D face, audio, and physiological data. He is interested in developing methods that can be used to improve people’s lives and help them in any way possible. He has developed novel methods for analyzing these data types for a variety of tasks. His research has broader impacts for real-world applications in fields as diverse as medical, defense, and entertainment, such as early diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), pain and stress analysis, and video games.

Fabiano Santalices is part of the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Group. More information about the group and their research can be found here.