Flit-Path “Cohort B” scholarships granted to twelve pre-CS, CpE, and IT students

February 2, 2018

Twelve seniors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology have been awarded a one-year $2,440 "completer grant" scholarship as part of the Department's NSF S-STEM Flit-Path project. This is the second batch of seniors to have received this scholarship. The scholarships are part of a $5 million, five-year grant from NSF awarded to USF, UCF, and FIU in support of the collaborative Florida IT Pathways to Success project. FIU was the lead partner in the grant and will be responsible for project administration and reporting. The grant is designed to remove financial barriers and increase the number of graduates. The goals of the project, which build on a previously awarded Team Grant from the Florida Board of Governors, include recruiting, retaining, and providing scholarships and other support to academically talented students in IT-related disciplines.

The students awarded the scholarship (and shown below not in the order listed here) are: Brandon Boncay, Brian Uzan, David Decker, Fadi Biter, Fernando Sierra, Jonathan Manigo, Justin Bramel, Kevaughn Kerr, Kyle Hauskins Kaplan, Marilyn Salvatierra, Michael Borkland, and Zahra Simpson.

Cohort B