CSE Participates in Synapse Summit 2019


Dr. Sarkar at Synapse
Neuro-Machine Interaction Lab at Synapse







February 4, 2019

On Wednesday, January 23, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering participated in the 2019 Synapse Summit. This two-day event gave many people the chance to showcase world-changing technology while gaining exposure which could lead to future collaborations.

Professor Sudeep Sarkar served as a panel moderator for “Artificial Intelligence Reshaping Business,” where he talked about Artificial Intelligence and its implications in the business world. Associate Professor Yu Sun led the discussion, “Meet Your New Colleagues: Robots and Machine Learning in the Workplace.” Assistant Professor Marvin Andujar and the team at the Neuro-Machine Interaction Lab showcased the Brain-Controlled Virtual Drone Simulation, allowing Synapse attendees controlled a drone with their thoughts. CSE graduate student Arup Kanti Dey, displayed the collaborative Home Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Project.