CSE student organizations participate in Engineering Expo 2020

March 9, 2020

Engineering Expo 2020

The College of Engineering held its annual Engineering Expo on February 21-22, inviting K-12 students from more than 10,000 schools to USF to learn about different aspects of STEM. Computer Science and Engineering was represented by students from Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Whitehatters Computer Security Club (WCSC), Women in Computer Science (WiCSE) and Robobulls, who each gave presentations to the students.

Kevin Dennis from WCSC said that in middle school he “had heard of STEM but did not fully understand what engineering was and likely would have told you ‘it’s building bridges,’” but going to an engineering expo would have made him “realize that engineering was so much more and that [his] dream job was in engineering.” On the other hand, Adheesh Shenoy from ACM said he “was always interested in engineering,” and, if given the chance to attend the expo in high school, “it would have pushed [him] to further explore different branches of engineering.”

Temitayo May-Parker from WiCSE mentioned a young student that stood out to her and colleague Jessica Phelan when they were explaining a project that Phelan had done on a Raspberry Pi. The student was very inquisitive and even “lingered at [their] project with the most genuine bit of curiosity” when the rest of her group had moved on. A natural curiosity toward engineering is a trademark identity of future engineers.