Association for Computer Machinery Builds Smart Mirror for 2019 Engineering Expo

March 11, 2019

ACM Smart Mirror

From top left: Hitarthi Shah, Maithili Chokshi, Carlos Alvarado, Param Chokshi, Martin Williams, Scott Hill at 2019 Engineering Expo

On February 15 and 16, students from the Association of Computer Machinery participated in the 2019 Engineering Expo, where they showcased a smart mirror. They built it by combining an LCD monitor, a two-way concave mirror, and a raspberry pi. The purpose of building a smart mirror was to show the power of technology to the students who attended the expo and get them excited for STEM. “We heard many kids exclaim, ‘This is exactly what they show in the movies!’”

Students who worked on the smart mirror:

Param Chokshi
Carlos Alvarado
Hitarthi Shah
Scott Hill
Jonathan St. Hilaire
Martin Williams
Kim Thai
Huy Duong
Si Dang
Maithili Chokshi