USF Students Win 2019 Knighthacks

March 11, 2019

2019 Knighthacks

On March 1st through March 3rd, University of Central Florida held its yearly student hackathon, Knighthacks. This year they had 17 sponsors.  "Honestly, I am amazed by how much support companies have given students this weekend. I have seen engineers from Microsoft and Google sleep as little [as possible] to help out students with their projects. The atmosphere is electric," said one student.

Over 500 students attended and 80 projects were submitted for judging. Among the competitors, was the team, made up of USF students Jim Mirzakhalov, Anoop Babu, Teresa Flaitz and Willie McClinton.

Their project was centered around making the classroom environment more comfortable for students by letting them anonymously ask questions to professors as well as input their overall confidence level about the material being taught. ended up winning the first overall prize. To learn more about their project, visit here.