CSE Students win Hack-a-Bull 2022

HackaBull Winners

March 27, 2022

On Saturday, almost 80 participants sleeplessly worked for 24 hours at the fourth annual Hack-a-Bull. The event is USF’s largest hackathon featuring innovative projects and creative solutions.

The winning project, ‘StockOverflow,’ aimed to provide a clean, and visually pleasing dashboard with informative summaries of stocks and cryptocurrencies using data from Yahoo Finance. The winning team consisted of Chirag Singh (Computer Science), Michael Clark (Information Systems and Operations Management), Eric Higgins (Cyber Security), and Marcus Weinberger (Cyber Security).

One of the sponsors of the Hack-a-Bull 2022, CockroachDB, awarded a prize to the makers of ‘’ for using their technology in the best way during the hackathon. The team consisted of Andrew Caldwell (Cybersecurity), Arianna Loucks (IT), Jacob Taylor (Cybersecurity), and Trang Do (IT). provides a cryptographically secure digital voting platform using multi-layered security protocols.

This story was updated on November 4th, 2022