CSE Student Blanche Pinto receives AfterCollege Engineering & Tech Student Scholarship and Golden Bull Award

May 6, 2020

Blanche Pinto

CSE graduate student Blanche Pinto recently received the AfterCollege Engineering & Tech Student Scholarship as well as the Golden Bull Award. The AfterCollege Engineering & Technology Student Scholarship is awarded to students who show promise in the STEM fields. The Golden Bull Award is given to students who demonstrate USF’s values, and is awarded to 20 students annually.  

Pinto is expected to graduate in May with a Master’s in computer science. She is currently working in the USF Neuro-Machine Interaction Lab under Associate Professor Marvin Andujar’s guidance. She is also the president and founder of the USF Brain-Computer Interface Club.

“The USF community has given me a lot of opportunities to excel in my field, from coding workshops to mentorship programs and also providing scholarships to travel to research and career conferences,” Pinto said. Pinto stresses the importance of joining a student organization and to “keep building your network.” 

Upon graduation, Pinto will join Apple on their Bluetooth Quality team as a Tools and Automation Engineer. She also encourages students to focus on something they enjoy. “When you work on something you’re passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work,” Pinto said.

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To connect with Blanche, visit her LinkedIn.