Diego Fabiano and Shaun Canavan research on 3D facial expressions accepted to ICIP

May 15, 2018

Under the supervision of Assistant Professor Shaun Canavan, Diego Fabiano's research paper on recognizing 3D facial expressions was accepted to the International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP). The paper, "Spontaneous and Non-Spontaneous 3D Facial Expression Recognition Using a Statistical Model with Global and Local Constraints," proposes a method for 3D facial expression recognition based on a statistical shape model, and can be used to recognize a range of expressions.

Fabiano is in the accelerated Master of Science in Computer Science program, currently completing the bachelor's requirement. He plans to graduate with his Bachelors in Fall 2018, and is projected to complete his Masters in Spring or Summer of 2019. Fabiano plans on staying at USF to pursue his PhD with Canavan.