Sudeep Sarkar Awarded $24,925 Grant as Part of USF’s COVID-19 Rapid Response Research Effort

May 29, 2020 

CSE Professor Sudeep Sarkar received a grant for a project titled “COVID-19 Economic Recovery Markers from Satellite Imagery for City-Scale Decisions.” A transdisciplinary team from USF, the University of California, Berkeley, and the global satellite company Maxar Technologies based in Colorado, is collaborating to develop a new tool that would provide insight into economic activity and recovery. The project would develop economic trend forecasts based on satellite images taken at regular intervals and augmented with information from other sources such as community mobility data, flight tracker data, and railway tracking data. Satellite imagery can support analysts and policymakers' decision-making by providing a different kind of visibility into the unfolding economic changes that are not captured by other data sources, the researchers said. 

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