Rodrigo Caldas named SOFWERX Intern of the Week

July 6, 2018


Meet Rodrigo "Rod" Caldas, a Computer Engineering student at the University of South Florida. Caldas is currently interning at SOFWERX, a local defense company located in Tampa, Florida. Caldas is featured as SOFWERX's Intern of the Week and is a member of the SOFWERX "Nerd Herd." He is currently working on two projects: GLO (Global Logistic Overview) and EDGES (Edge Distributed Geolocation from Emitting Systems).

GLO is a web/mobile app to simplify all areas of logistics requirement of a mission. The Department of Defense (DoD) currently uses many systems that do not interact with each other. The intent is to provide a single platform that will send the command signal to all the pertinent systems to get everything needed for a mission. Examples include food, water, ammo, transportation, resupply, etc.


Caldas presenting the GLO app at Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) 2018.

The second project is called EDGES (Edge Distributed Geolocation from Emitting Systems). This is a Radio Frequency (RF) scanning system that will run on an android device. The intent is to have it gather RF signals in an area and overlay that on a map to have a secondary navigation system if the Global Positioning System (GPS) is jammed.

While working at SOFWERX, Caldas enjoys the characteristics reminiscent of the military community. Characteristics high in value to the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community, like mutual respect, dedication to work, functional organization in a chaotic work environment, and punctuality carry over to SOFWERX. Because of these being prevalent in the work environment, it makes working with SOFWERX enjoyable, productive, and engaging.

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