Sarkar, Labrador, Subramanian granted United States Patent No. 10,321,855

Congratulations to Sudeep Sarkar, Miguel Labrador and Ravichandran Subramanian on their new patent, Orientation Invariant Gait Matching, issued June 18, 2019.

Computer Science and Engineering Professors Sarkar and Labrador, and recent Ph.D. graduate Subramanian were recently awarded another patent. This patent builds on an earlier patent by the same team. These patents are based on Subramanian's Ph.D. dissertation work and the outcome of a DARPA funded project. It outlines the solution to the problem of person verification based on signatures induced by walking (or gait) as captured by phone (or any other wearable) that is carried on the person. This technology will increase the cybersecurity of wearable devices. The wearable devices will be able to verify that the person carrying the device is indeed the person who owns it.