2015 NSF Award Recipient

August 28, 2015


Paul Rosen along with Bei Wang (University of Utah) received a NSF grant with additional collaborative award for Carlos Scheidegger (University of Arizona) for 4 years totaling $1.03M. The grant is titled "III: Medium: Collaborative Research: Topological Data Analysis for Large Network Visualization." Rosen's portion of this grant, to be subcontracted from the University of Utah, is $325K.

This project leverages topological methods to develop a new class of data analysis and visualization techniques to understand the structure of networks. Networks are often used in modeling social, biological and technological systems, and capturing relationships among individuals, businesses, and genomic entities. Understanding such large, complex data sources is highly relevant and important in application areas including brain connectomics, epidemiology, law enforcement, public policy and marketing. The proposed research will be evaluated over multiple data sources, including but not limited to large social, communication and brain network datasets. Furthermore, the new approaches developed in this project will be integrated into growing data analysis curricula, shared through developing workshops, and used as topics to continue attracting underrepresented groups into STEM fields and computer science specifically.

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