Master's thesis by CSE student is in top 25 theses accessed on ProQuest

September 20, 2017

A thesis written by Bader Albassam, a student of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of South Florida, was recently recognized as one of the top 25 accessed dissertations and theses during the month of July 2017. The thesis, titled "Enforcing Security Policies On GPU Computing Through The Use Of Aspect-Oriented Programming Techniques," is one of the most accessed full-text graduate works among two million others in all subject areas in the ProQuest academic database.

According to the abstract of Albassam's thesis, "This thesis presents a new security policy enforcer designed for securing parallel computation on CUDA GPUs. We show how the very features that make a GPGPU desirable have already been utilized in existing exploits, fortifying the need for security protections on a GPGPU. [...] We hope that this thesis will provide for long term research goals to guide the field of GPU security."

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