Using Computer Engineering to Support Financial Bottom Lines

September 27, 2019


Evelyn Almeyda

The term “fintech,” for finance technology, refers to using data science to manage money and assets and help businesses, especially those in the financial industry, provide better customer service. It is a fast-growing field in need of computer engineering graduates like Evelyn Almeyda, who earned her BSCpE at the University of South Florida College of Engineering, and is now a technology analyst at the financial services company Citi, at its Tampa office.

While the demand for computer engineers in the finance industry might surprise some people, Almeyda says the need is substantial.

“Bankers are cutting edge, so they have to keep everything secure and up to date because they can get hacked.”

With a need to connect data points becoming as important as calculating dollars and cents, Almeyda has found that there are opportunities to work in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning at global financial corporations like Citi.

“It’s such a big company that has so many projects you can work on anything you want.”

An interest in making a professional change is one of the reasons that Almeyda, who was pursuing an accounting career, decided to combine her interests in math and computers by enrolling in the College of Engineering. She says making the transition was made easier by the College’s approach to teaching basic skills like coding to students with no experience.

“USF prepared me from the ground up. They taught me everything I needed to know about computer science and engineering.”

Almeyda also cites student groups like the USF chapter of  Women in Computer Science and Engineering, as well as College support to attend hackathons at places like the University of California, Berkely, as activities that added value to her education.

“That USF would help me go there was very impactful. I was able to realize that with what I was learning at USF, I was just as capable as these people are in Silicon Valley.”

Looking ahead, Almeyda says she would also like to work in another emerging technology field that is expected to grow as the finance industry improves security and efficiency, especially in handling transactions.

“My dream would be to work in quantum computing; quantum computers are going to change the world.”