Society of Competitive Programmers at CalHacks

November 27, 2018

SCP CalHacks

USF Department of Computer Science and Engineering student members of the Society of Competitive Programmers competed at the world’s largest collegiate hackathon at UC Berkeley, CA from November 4th to November 6th.

Students received support from Qualcomm and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, USF to participate in this contest. The event was sponsored by over 250 entities, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and IBM. During the 36-hour competition students form groups of four (4) and create innovative and impactful projects using technology. Over 225 project submissions were recorded and judged by a range of specialists including engineers, venture capitalists, professors and PhD candidates. While in general, only about 30% of teams could complete their project, out of the six (6) USF teams, five (5) projects were completed and presented to judges. One (1) USF team won a special sponsor prize at the event. The team presented a mobile application with backend blockchain solution that could help people to do online group shopping using a shared cart. It won “The Best Use of Authorize.Net" which is one of the signature prizes Major League Hacking has had this season for payment solutions.