James Anderson

James Anderson, Visiting Instructor
ENG 215 |



Marvin Andujar

Marvin Andujar, Assistant Professor
ENB 316 | 813-974-8421 |

Research: Brain-computer interfaces; brain-robot interaction; personal informatics; ubiquitous computing; symbiotic interaction; affective computing


Shaun Canavan

Shaun Canavan, Assistant Professor
ENB 315 | 813-974-3137 |

Research: Computer vision; face and sketch recognition; expression analysis; human computer interaction; facial feature detection and tracking


Sriram Chellappan

Sriram Chellappan, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Cybersecurity
ENB 317 | 813-974-1379 |

Research: Socio-technical systems; cybersecurity; smart health; mobile networking; cyber-physical systems; mobile and wireless computings


Ken Christensen

Ken Christensen, Professor and Associate Chair of Undergraduate Affairs
ENB 319 | 813-974-4761 |

Research: Performance evaluation of computer networks; high-speed packet switch architectures; energy-efficient networks (green networks)



Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia, Assistant Professor
ENB 318 | 813-976-9349 |

Research: Computational social science; network science; data science



Roger Rang

Suey-Chun (Roger) Fang, Instructor II
ENG 016 | 813-974-2398 |

Research: Data modeling; data warehousing; information systems; deductive databases; visual programming 


Alessio Gaspar

Alessio Gaspar, Associate Professor
ENB 343E | 813-974-2932 |

Research: Evolutionary algorithms; computing education research; computer assisted learning; intelligent tutoring systems 


Dmitry Goldgof

Dmitry B. Goldgof, Distinguished University Professor and Vice Chair
ENB 326 | 813-974-4055 |

Research: Medical image analysis; image and video processing; computer vision and pattern recognition; ethics and computing; bioinformatics and bioengineering


Lawrence Hall

Lawrence Hall, Distinguished University Professor 
ENB 330 | 813-974-4195 |

Research: Intelligent systems; machine learning/data mining; fuzzy logic in intelligent systems; artificial intelligence in visual pattern recognition 


William Hendrix

William Hendrix III, Instructor I and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Computer Science and Computer Engineering
ENB 301C | 813-974-7453 |

Research: Graph algorithms; parallel computing


Isabela Hidalgo

Isabela M. Hidalgo, Instructor I
ENB 301B | 813-974-6048 |

Research: Human-computer interaction; programming languages


Adriana Iamnitchi

Adriana Iamnitchi, Professor
ENC 3501 | 813-974-5357 |

Research: Distributed systems; computational sociology 


Henrick Jeanty

Henrick Jeanty, Instructor I 
ENG 017 | 813-974-1982 |

Research: Technical analysis algorithm; optical character recognition


Robert Karam

Robert Karam, Assistant Professor
ENB 341 | 813-974-4184 |

Research: Hardware security; reconfigurable computing; bioimplantable devices (algorithms & digital hardware)


Srinivas Katkoori

Srinivas Katkoori, Associate Professor
ENB 258 | 813-974-5737 |

Research: High-level synthesis; low power synthesis; radiation tolerant VLSI design and CAD


Valentina Korzhova

Valentina Korzhova, Instructor I
ENB 343G | 813-974-0909 | 

Research: Computer vision; image processing; pattern recognition


Miguel Labrador

Miguel A. Labrador, Professor 
ENB 332 | 813-974-3260 |

Research: Ubiquitous sensing; computer networks



Jason Lewis, Instructor I 
ENB 343D | 813-974-3032 |

Research: Cybersecurity; digital forensics; computer science/cybersecurity education



John Licato

John Licato, Assistant Professor
ENB 301D | 813-974-6212 |

Research: Computational modeling of cognitive reasoning; cognitive science and robotics; automated theorem provers; artificially intelligent reasoners


Jay Ligatti

Jay Ligatti, Professor
ENB 333 | 813-974-0908 |

Research: Runtime Security Mechanisms; Authentication; Policy Composition; Injection Attacks; Enforceability Theory; Type Systems; Subtyping; Policy-Specification Languages


Yao Liu

Yao Liu, Associate Professor 
ENB 336 | 813-974-1079 |

Research: Network security; wireless technologies  


Mehran Mozaffari Kermani

Mehran Mozaffari Kermani, Assistant Professor
ENB 338 | 813-974-2671 |

Research: Fault diagnosis and tolerance in cryptography; cryptographic engineering; computer arithmetic



Tempestt Neal, Assistant Professor
ENB 310 | 813-485-4384 |

Research: Scalable biometrics; mobile biometrics; computer vision; authorship attribution; human-centered authentication; soft biometric classification; emotion recognition


Xinming (Simon) Ou

Xinming (Simon) Ou, Professor 
ENB 339 | 813-974-4522 |

Research: Cyber security; cyber physical systems; programming languages; cloud computing; human aspects of computing 


Marbin Pazos-Revilla

Marbin Pazos-Revilla, Instructor I and Systems Administrator
ENB 343C | 813-974-5043 |



Rafael Perez

Rafael Perez, Professor 
ENB 320 | 813-974-3437 |

Research: Artificial intelligence; neural networks; genetic algorithms 


Les A Piegl

Les A. Piegl, Professor 
ENC 2501 | 813-974-5234 | 

Research: Computer-aided design; geometric modeling; computer graphics and analysis; design of geometric algorithms 


Paul Rosen

Paul A. Rosen, Assistant Professor 
ENB 311 | 813-974-2282 | 

Research: Data visualization; computer graphics; human computer interaction; visual literacy education; computing entrepreneurship 


Sudeep Sarkar

Sudeep Sarkar, Professor and Department Chair
ENB 345 | 813-974-2113 | 

Research: Computer vision and image analysis; automated sign language; recognition biometrics and human identification; perceptual organization for grouping and segmentation; Bayesian methods  


Schinnel Small

Schinnel Small, Instructor I and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Information Technology
ENB 343F | 813-974-2126 |

Research: Programming languages; computer architecture; visual analytics


Yu Sun

Yu Sun, Associate Professor and Associate Chair of Graduate Affairs
ENB 331 | 813-974-7508 | 

Research: Intelligent systems; robotics; cyber physical systems and virtual reality; computer vision; medical image processing; deep learning


Yicheng Tu

Yicheng Tu, Professor 
ENB 340 | 813-974-2114 | 

Research: Database systems; multimedia systems; distributed systems 


Philip Ventura

Philip Ventura, Instructor II 
ENG 211 | 813-974-0552 |

Research: Computer science education; pedagogy of object orientation; objects-first introductory CS curricula


Jing Wang

Jing Wang, Instructor II 
ENB 343B | 813-974-6897 | 

Research: Computer animation; K-12 outreach; undergraduate computer science and engineering education


Alfredo Weitzenfeld

Alfredo Weitzenfeld, Professor
ENB 314 | 813-974-4905 | 

Research: Biologically-inspired robotics; cognitive robotics; humanoid robots; multi-robot systems 



Attila A. Yavuz, Assistant Professor
ENG 117 | 813-974-0419 |

Research: Applied cryptography; privacy enhancing technologies; light-weight cryptography; cyber-security for critical cyber-infrastructures (e.g., internet of things and cloud systems); network security


Yan Zhang

Yan Zhang, Instructor I 
ENB 343A | 813-974-9653 |

Research: Congestion control and energy optimization in data center networks; content delivery acceleration over wide area networks; energy efficient networking


Hao Zheng

Hao Zheng, Associate Professor 
ENB 312 | 813-974-4757 | 

Research: Hardware/Software testing and verification; embedded systems; computer architecture; VLSI design; electronic design automation



Adjunct Faculty


William Gauvin




Carol Hoeke 




Scot Hollingsworth




Richard Rauscher  



Ralph Tindell

Ralph Tindell



Emeritus Faculty

Harvey Glass

Harvey Glass, Emeritus Professor
Research: Operating systems; programming languages; embedded systems design



Abraham Kandel

Abraham Kandel, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus
Research: Applied fuzzy logic and computational intelligence; software testing and productivity; decision-making in uncertain environments; data mining 



Rangachar Kasturi, Douglas W. Hood Professor Emeritus

Research: Computer vision; pattern recognition; document image analysis



Dewey Rundus

Dewey Rundus, Emeritus Professor
Research: Human-computer interaction



Murali Varanasi

Murali Varanasi, Emeritus Professor 
Research: Coding theory; computer arithmetic




Courtesy Faculty

Dave Armitage

Dave Armitage, Courtesy Faculty



Robert Gillies

Robert Gillies, Courtesy Faculty



Peter Mouton

Peter R. Mouton, Courtesy Faculty



John Murray-Bruce

 John Murray-Bruce, Courtesy Faculty



Matthew Peterson

Matthew Peterson, Courtesy Faculty



Paul Sanberg

Paul Sanberg, Courtesy Faculty



John Skvoretz

John Skvoretz, Courtesy Faculty