James Anderson

James Anderson, Assistant Professor of Instruction
ENG 215 | 813-974-3032 | Email

Research: Electrical and Healthcare Networks, Cybersecurity


Marvin Andujar

Marvin Andujar, Assistant Professor
ENB 316 | 813-974-8421 | Email

Research: Brain-computer interfaces, brain-robot interaction, personal informatics, ubiquitous computing, symbiotic interaction, affective computing



Raiyan Abdul Baten, Assistant Professor

Research: Network Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, Computational Social Science, Affective Computing, Natural Language Processing, and Graph Data Mining.


Shaun Canavan

Shaun Canavan, Assistant Professor
ENB 315 | 813-974-3137 | Email

Research: Computer vision, face and sketch recognition, expression analysis, human computer interaction, facial feature detection and tracking


Sriram Chellappan

Sriram Chellappan, Professor 
ENB 317 | 813-974-1379 | Email

Research: Socio-technical systems, cybersecurity, smart health, mobile networking, cyber-physical systems, mobile and wireless computings

Awards: NSF CAREER (2013)


Ken Christensen

Ken Christensen, Professor and Associate Chair of Undergraduate Affairs
ENB 319 | 813-974-4761 | Email

Research: Performance evaluation of computer networks, high-speed packet switch architectures, energy-efficient networks (green networks)

Awards: NSF CAREER (1998), USF CSE Broadening Participation in Computing Award (2022), USF Kosove Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching and Service Award (2017), USF Excellence in Innovation Award (2009), USF Teaching Incentive Program Award (1998)


Roger Rang

Suey-Chun (Roger) Fang, Associate Professor of Instruction
ENG 016 | 813-974-2398 | Email

Research: Data modeling, data warehousing, information systems, deductive databases, visual programming 



William Gauvin, Professor of Practice

Research: Malware analysis techniques using machine learning, Cyber Threat Information Sharing (CTIS) aggregation, replication and autodetection/mitigation


Alessio Gaspar

Alessio Gaspar, Associate Professor
ENB 343E | 813-974-2932 | Email

Research: Evolutionary algorithms, computing education research, computer assisted learning, intelligent tutoring systems 


Dmitry Goldgof

Dmitry B. Goldgof, Distinguished University Professor and Vice Chair
ENB 326 | 813-974-4055 | Email

Research: Medical image analysis, image and video processing, computer vision and pattern recognition, ethics and computing, bioinformatics and bioengineering

Awards: AAIA Fellow (2018), AIMBE Fellow (2017), AAAS Fellow (2016), IAPR Fellow (2010), USF Excellence in Innovation Award (2020)


Lawrence Hall

Lawrence Hall, Distinguished University Professor 
ENB 330 | 813-974-4195 | Email

Research: Intelligent systems, machine learning/data mining, fuzzy logic in intelligent systems, artificial intelligence in visual pattern recognition 

Awards: AIMBE Fellow (2018), AAAS Fellow (2013), IAPR Fellow (2010), IEEE Fellow (2003)



Zhao Han, Assistant Professor

Research: Human-robot interaction (HRI), robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), cognitive science, explainable AI, robot explanation, mobile manipulation, natural language generation and pragmatics, references, assistive robotics

Awards: Best Late Breaking Report Nominee ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (2023), Mines Diversity, Inclusion & Access Award (2023), Best Long-Paper Award ACL15th International Natural Language Generation Conference (2022), Best Late Breaking Report Award ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (2022)


William Hendrix

William Hendrix III, Assistant Professor of Instruction and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Computer Science and Computer Engineering
ENB 301C | 813-974-7453 | Email

Research: Graph algorithms, parallel computing


Isabela Hidalgo

Isabela M. Hidalgo, Assistant Professor of Instruction
ENB 301B | 813-974-6048 | Email

Research: Human-computer interaction, programming languages


Henrick Jeanty

Henrick Jeanty, Assistant Professor of Instruction
ENG 017 | 813-974-1982 | Email

Research: Technical analysis algorithm, optical character recognition


Robert Karam

Robert Karam, Assistant Professor
ENB 341 | 813-974-4184 | Email

Research: Hardware security, reconfigurable computing, bioimplantable devices (algorithms & digital hardware)


Srinivas Katkoori

Srinivas Katkoori, Associate Professor
ENB 258 | 813-974-5737 | Email

Research: High-level synthesis, low power synthesis, radiation tolerant VLSI design and CAD

Awards: NSF CAREER (2001), USF Jerome Krivanek Distinguished Teacher Award (2013), USF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award (2007), USF Outstanding Faculty Research Achievement Award (2003)


Gene Louis Kim

Gene Louis Kim, Assistant Professor
ENB 376 | (813)-396-2882 | Email

Research: Gene's research aims to integrate the benefits of neural and symbolic methods for modeling language meaning which supports automatic parsing and computer reasoning while being informed by linguistic semantics.

Awards: University of Rochester Robert L. and Mary L. Sproull Fellow (2015-2017)


Dr. Kim

Seungbae Kim, Assistant Professor
ENB 311 |(813)-396-2881| Email

Research: Artificial intelligence, Graph neural networks, Machine learning (Fairness and Explainability), Social network analysis, Applied data science


Valentina Korzhova

Valentina Korzhova, Assistant Professor of Instruction
ENB 343G | 813-974-0909 | Email 

Research: Computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition


Wanwan Li

Wanwan Li, Visiting Assistant Professor
ENB 343K| 3217329405 | Email

Research: Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Augmented Virtuality, Edutainment & e-Training, Procedural Modeling, Computational Design, Deep Learning, Sketch-Based Interface, Brain-Computer Interface


John Licato

John Licato, Assistant Professor
ENB 301D | 813-974-6212 | Email

Research: Artificial Intelligence, natural language processing (NLP), computational cognitive modeling, cognitive science and robotics, automated theorem provers, argumentation, human reasoning

Awards: AFOSR Young Investigator’s Award (2017)


Jay Ligatti

Jay Ligatti, Professor and Director of Graduate Admissions
ENB 333 | 813-974-0908 | Email

Research: Runtime Security Mechanisms, Authentication, Policy Composition, Injection Attacks, Enforceability Theory, Type Systems, Subtyping, Policy-Specification Languages

Awards: NSF CAREER (2008), Best-paper award at ACM PLDI (2007), Test of Time Award at ACM CCS (2015)


Yao Liu

Yao Liu, Associate Professor 
ENB 336 | 813-974-1079 | Email

Research: Network security, wireless technologies  

Awards: NSF CAREER (2016)


Dr. Ankur

Ankur Mali, Assistant Professor
ENB247A | Email

Research: Trustworthy AI, Deep learning theory, Natural language processing, Memory augmented neural networks, Physics informed NNs, Bio-inspired neural architectures, and Lifelong learning. 


Provost Mohapatra

Prasant Mohapatra Professor, Provost and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs 
ENB 320| Email

Research: Computer networks, wireless networks, mobile systems and communications, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity.

Awards: Certificate of Recognition for Research Response to Community Crisis, APLU (2021), Distinguished Professor of UC Davis (2019), Distinguished Alumnus Award, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, India (2015), Biju Patnaik Lifetime Scientific Excellence Award, Government of Odisha, India (2015), Fellow of AAAS (2013), HP Labs Innovation Award (2011, 2012, 2013), Outstanding Engineering Faculty Research Award, College of Engineering, UC Davis (2011), Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award, Pennsylvania State University (2008).


Mehran Mozaffari Kermani

Mehran Mozaffari Kermani, Associate Professor
ENB 338 | 813-974-2671 | Email

Research: Fault diagnosis and tolerance in cryptography, cryptographic engineering, computer arithmetic 

Awards: USF Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award (2020), USF Nexus Initiative Global Award (2019), USF College of Engineering Outstanding Junior Research Achievement Award (2018)



John Murray-Bruce, Assistant Professor
ENB 117A | Email

Research: Computational imaging, PDE-constrained inverse problems, computational sensing, sampling theory and applications



Tempestt Neal, Assistant Professor
ENB 310 |813-396-9353 | Email

Research: Scalable biometrics, mobile biometrics, computer vision, authorship attribution, human-centered authentication, soft biometric classification, emotion recognition

Awards: NSF CAREER (2023), McKnight Junior Faculty Fellow (2021)


Xinming (Simon) Ou

Xinming (Simon) Ou, Professor
ENB 339 | 813-974-4522 | Email

Research: Cyber security, cyber physical systems, programming languages, cloud computing, human aspects of computing 

Awards: NSF CAREER (2010)



Mauricio Pamplona Segundo, Assistant Professor of Instruction
ENB 343H | Email

Research: Computer vision (biometric recognition, remote sensing, video analysis, 3D vision), machine learning (few-shot learning, distribution modeling)

Awards: IET Biometrics Best Paper Award, The IET Premium Awards 2020, IET 2020


Marbin Pazos-Revilla

Marbin Pazos-Revilla, Assistant Professor of Instruction and Systems Administrator
ENB 343C | 813-974-5043 | Email

Research: Cybersecurity, cyber-physical systems, internet of things, engineering education


Les A Piegl

Les A. Piegl, Professor 
ENC 2501 | 813-974-5234 | Email 

Research: Computer-aided design, geometric modeling, computer graphics and analysis, design of geometric algorithms 

Awards: William Mong Research Fellow The University of Hong Kong (2003), Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow (1985), USF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award (1991), USF Teaching Incentive Program Award (1993)


Taseef Rahman

Taseef Rahman, Assistant Professor of Instruction

Research Interests: Bioinformatics, Generative Deep Learning




Richard Rauscher, Professor of Practice

Research: Network/IoT security related to healthcare environments, optimization of basic/clinical research data flows/data warehousing/"big data", quantum computing as applied to life sciences and healthcare


Dr. Dayane

Dayane Reis, Assistant Professor
ENB 318 |(813)-396-2837| Email

Research: VLSI, low power design, AI accelerators, emerging technologies, hardware security

Awards: Best paper award at the ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and Low Power Design in 2018 (ISLPED’18), Cadence Women in Technology (WIT) Scholar 2018/2019


Dr. Ren

Yili Ren, Assistant Professor

Research: Mobile Computing, Wireless Sensing Systems, Human-Computer Interaction Applications, Smart Home and Internet of Things Applications, Cybersecurity, Mobile Authentication, Novel Biometrics, Smart Home and Internet of Things Security


Sudeep Sarkar

Sudeep Sarkar, Distinguished University Professor and Department Chair
ENB 345 | 813-974-2113 | Email 

Research: Computer vision and image analysis, automated sign language, recognition biometrics and human identification, perceptual organization for grouping and segmentation, Bayesian methods  

Awards: NAI Fellow (2017), AIMBE Fellow (2016), NSF CAREER (1995), USF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award (1998)


Schinnel Small

Schinnel Small, Assistant Professor of Instruction and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Information Technology
ENB 343F | 813-974-2126 | Email

Research: Programming languages, computer architecture, visual analytics


Yu Sun

Yu Sun, Professor
ENB 331 | 813-974-7508 | Email 

Research: Intelligent systems, robotics, cyber physical systems and virtual reality, computer vision, medical image processing, deep learning

Awards: USF Excellence in Innovation Award (2018), USF Neuroscience Collaborative Award (2010)


Yicheng Tu

Yicheng Tu, Professor 

ENB 340 | 813-974-2114 | Email 

Research: Database systems, multimedia systems, distributed systems 

Awards: NSF CAREER (2013), USF Outstanding Research Achievement Award (2014), USF Outstanding Faculty Award (2014)


Philip Ventura

Philip Ventura, Associate Professor of Instruction
ENG 211 | 813-974-0552 | Email

Research: Computer science education, pedagogy of object orientation, objects-first introductory CS curricula


Jing Wang

Jing Wang, Professor of Instruction and Director of Broadening Participation in Computing 
ENC 3501 | 813-974-6897 | Email 

Research: Computer animation, broadening participation in computing, undergraduate computer science and engineering education

Awards: USF Women in Leadership & Philanthropy Dr. Kathleen Moore Faculty Excellence Award (2020), Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, University of South Florida (2011)


ning wang

Ning Wang, Assistant Professor

Research: Machine learning-based intrusion detection systems, adversarial machine learning, federated learning, privacy-preserving machine learning, differential privacy, IoT security,  and cyber-physical system security.


Alfredo Weitzenfeld

Alfredo Weitzenfeld, Professor and Associate Chair of Graduate Affairs
ENB 314 | 813-974-4905 | Email 

Research: Biologically-inspired robotics, cognitive robotics, humanoid robots, multi-robot systems


Dr. Woodward

Julia Woodward, Assistant Professor
ENB 332 |(813)-396-2828 | Email

Research: Human-centered computing, human-computer interaction, natural user interfaces, child-computer interaction, mobile computing, multimodal interaction, learning technologies 

Awards: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2019)



Attila A. Yavuz, Associate Professor
ENG 117 | 813-974-0419 | Email

Research: Applied cryptography, privacy enhancing technologies, light-weight cryptography, cyber-security for critical cyber-infrastructures (e.g., internet of things and cloud systems), network security

Awards: NSF CAREER (2017-2023), Cisco Research Awards (2019,2020, 2022), USF Excellence in Innovation Award (2022), USF Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award (2020), USF College of Engineering’s Outstanding Research Achievement Award (2020)


Yan Zhang

Yan Zhang, Assistant Professor of Instruction
ENB 343A | 813-974-9653 | Email

Research: Congestion control and energy optimization in data center networks, content delivery acceleration over wide area networks, energy efficient networking


Hao Zheng

Hao Zheng, Associate Professor 
ENB 312 | 813-974-4757 | Email 

Research: Hardware/Software testing and verification, embedded systems, computer architecture, VLSI design, electronic design automation

Awards: NSF CAREER (2006), Best Paper Award, the 21st International SPIN Symposium of Model Checking of Software (2014), USF Outstanding Research Achievement Award (2007)


Adjunct Faculty


Carol Hoeke



Emeritus Faculty

Harvey Glass

Harvey Glass, Emeritus Professor

Research: Operating systems, programming languages, embedded systems design


Abraham Kandel

Abraham Kandel, Distinguished University Professor Emeritus

Research: Applied fuzzy logic and computational intelligence, software testing and productivity, decision-making in uncertain environments, data mining



Rangachar Kasturi, Douglas W. Hood Professor Emeritus 

Research: Computer vision, pattern recognition, document image analysis


Rafael Perez

Rafael Perez, Professor 

Research: Artificial intelligence, neural networks, genetic algorithms 


Dewey Rundus

Dewey Rundus, Emeritus Professor

Research: Human-computer interaction


Murali Varanasi

Murali Varanasi, Emeritus Professor

Research: Coding theory, computer arithmetic

Affiliated Faculty


Jean-Francois Biasse, Affiliated Faculty



Peter Mouton

Peter R. Mouton, Affiliated Faculty


Matthew Peterson

Matthew Peterson, Affiliated Faculty



Paul Sanberg

Paul Sanberg, Affiliated Faculty



 Ankit Shah

Ankit Shah, Affiliated Faculty