Nagarajan Ranganathan

Nagarajan Rangaanathan

Distinguished University Professor Emeritus




Dr. Nagarajan "Ranga" Ranganathan (S'81-M'88-SM'92-F'02) received the BE (Honors) degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Regional Engineering College (National Institute of Technology) Tiruchi, University of Madras, India, 1983, and the PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida, Orlando in 1988. He is a Distinguished University Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa, FL. During 1998 - 1999, he was a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at El Paso. His research interests include VLSI circuit and system design, VLSI design automation, multi-metric optimization in hardware and software systems, computer architecture, reversible logic and parallel computing. He has developed many special purpose VLSI circuits and systems for computer vision, image and video processing, pattern recognition, data compression and signal processing applications. He and his students have developed several VLSI CAD algorithms based on decision theory, game theory, auction theory and Fuzzy modeling. He has co-authored over 295 papers in refereed journals and conferences, five book chapters and co-owns eight U.S. patents and two pending. He has edited three books titled VLSI Algorithms and Architectures: Fundamentals, VLSI Algorithms and Architectures: Advanced Concepts, IEEE CS Press, 1993, VLSI for Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence, World Scientific Publishers, 1995 and co-authored a book titled, Low Power High Level Synthesis for Nanoscale CMOS Circuits, Springer, June 2008.

Dr. Ranganathan was elected as a Fellow of IEEE in 2002 for his contributions to algorithms and architectures for VLSI systems. He was elected Fellow of AAAS in 2012. He is a member of the IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and the VLSI Society of India. He has served on the editorial boards for the journals: Pattern Recognition (1993 - 1997), VLSI Design (1994 - 1998), IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems (1995 - 1997), IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems (1997 - 1999), IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology (1997 - 2000), IEEE Transactions on Computers (2008 - 2012), IEEE Transactions on CAD (2008 - 2010) and ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (2007 - 2009). He was the chair of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on VLSI during 1997 - 2001. He served on the steering committee of the IEEE Transactions on VLSI Systems during 1999 - 2001 and 2007 - 2010, the steering committee chair during 2002 - 2003 and the Editor-in-Chief for two consecutive terms during 2003 - 2007. He served as the program co-chair for ICVLSID in 1994, ISVLSI in 1996, ISVLSI in 2005, and ICVLSID'08 and as general co-chair for ICVLSID in 1995, IWVLSI in 1998, ICVLSID in 1998, ISVLSI in 2005, ISVLSI in 2009 and ISVLSI in 2012. He has served on technical program committees of international conferences including ICCD, ICPP, IPPS, SPDP, ICHPC, HPCA, GLSVLSI, ASYNC, ISQED, ISLPED, CAMP, ISCAS, VLSID, MSE and ICCAD.

Honors and Awards

Served as the Faculty Liaison on the Academics and Campus Environment (ACE) Group of the University Of South Florida Board of Trustees (2011 - 2013)
IEEE Circuits and Systems Society VLSI Transactions Best Paper Award (2009)
USF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award (2009)
Distinguished University Professor honorific title and the university gold medallion honor (2007)
Co-recipient of three Best Paper Awards at the Intl. Conf. on VLSI Design (1995, 2004 and 2006)
SIGMA XI Scientific Honor Society Tampa Bay Chapter Outstanding Faculty Researcher Award (2004)
USF President's Faculty Excellence Award (2003)
USF Theodore-Venette Askounes Ashford Distinguished Scholar Award (2003)
USF Outstanding Research Achievement Award (2002)