Apply for Graduation

In order to graduate, you must complete two forms -- one for the Department and one for the University. You also need to complete a Departmental Exit Survey. The Department form is the College of Engineering Graduation Checklist. The university form is the application for your diploma and there will be a link in your OASIS account for this form. The link for this university form is usually active one semester before graduation.


There are three required steps for all majors. They are as follows:

Step #1: You must complete the College of Engineering Graduation Checklist before the Departmental graduation checklist review deadline for your graduation semester. Upload your checklist to this link for review and a permit for CIS 4250 (CS and CpE), LIS  4414 (CyS and IT), and CIS 4935 (CyS and IT). See the Undergraduate main page for instructions on scheduling a graduation checkout review meeting the undergraduate program assistant. Following this review meeting, permits are granted.

The Departmental graduation checklist review deadlines are:

  • Spring 2024 graduation – deadline is TBD
  • Summer 2024 graduation – deadline is TBD
  • Fall 2024 graduation – deadline is TBD

Failure to meet this deadline can jeopardize your graduation date and may cause you to not get a seat in a critical course required for graduation.

Step #2: To receive your diploma and have graduation reflected on your transcript, you must apply for graduation through OASIS before the University deadline. Graduation applicants will apply online through OASIS by selecting the appropriate application for their term. Please note that all parts of the graduation application should be completed in one sitting, failure to do so may cause a hold on your account. University deadlines to apply for graduation are as follows (for more information, see here):

  • Fall 2023 graduation – September 18, 2023
  • Spring 2024 graduation – February 6, 2024
  • Summer 2024 graduation – deadline is TBD
  • Fall 2024 graduation – deadline is TBD

Please note that you must apply for graduation regardless of whether or not you plan to participate in Commencement. Certification of degrees begins once final grades are posted and can take up to six weeks.

Step #3: At the end of your graduating semester, assuming that you have met your responsibilities outlined above, you will receive a link to a required Exit Survey from the Department.

Students completing a dual major, but only receiving one degree must complete a second major form and submit it with their graduation form. Students expecting to earn two degrees must complete one set of forms for each degree (that is, two sets of forms).


There are two different ceremonies that graduating students can participate in, the College of Engineering Induction to the Profession Ceremony and the USF Commencement.

The Induction to the Profession Ceremony entails a rite-of-passage ceremony for graduates from engineering and computing programs with The Order of the Engineer (CpE majors) and The Pledge of the Computing Professional (CS, CyS, and IT majors). The Induction Ceremony is held each spring and fall and is usually the Friday of commencement weekend. Invitations to students will be emailed in early-March to those who have applied to graduate in spring, and in early-October to those who have applied to graduate in fall. Summer graduates can contact their advisor about participation.

Registering for USF Commencement is a separate process as is registering for the Induction to the Profession Ceremony. We encourage you to participate in both of these ceremonies.

Career Advising:

Once you have completed the College of Engineering Graduation Checklist, you are strongly encouraged to meet with Dr. Hendrix for career advising for CS and CpE, or Dr. Anderson for CyS and IT.